The 8 Mile x Carhartt anniversary collaboration celebrates 15 years since 8 Mile was released.

Streetwear and Eminem fans will be pleased to hear that Carhartt and the Detroit rapper are coming together on a very special partnership to mark the 15th anniversary of 8 Mile. Released in 2002, 8 Mile tells the story of a young rapper (Eminem) trying to make it into the industry whilst dealing with everyday issues from family to money problems. As the character ‘B-Rabbit’ starts to understand his true potential and talent his confident grows, building up to his final rap battle with the Free World with beatings and cheating along the way. The film was a huge commercial success with box office takings at $243 million. 8 Mile is highly regarded as one of the best hip hop lifestyle films of all time.

In celebration of the films 15th anniversary, Eminem recently revealed through Twitter that there would be a very special Detroit collaboration. Further info is yet to be revealed and what exactly will be dropping from the 8 Mile x Carhartt collection so keep posted at RC for further updates.