The Acronym J53TS Jacket Features Next Generation Gore-Tex®

Acronym show us why they are pioneers on the techwear scene with the J53TS Jacket.

If any brand comes to mind when you mention techwear is got be Acronym. With Acronym, Errolson Hugh has created a new techwear world with the Acronym aesthetic kind of like the dictionary definition of the whole scene. Quite simply the ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ equivalent of the apparel world.

The latest addition to the Acronym techwear catalogue is the J53TS Jacket featuring next generation Gore-Tex® pro 3L fabric tech with 28% more more breathability than standard GORE-TEX. Packing more function than you could ever physically imagine from outerwear, such as a multi stage front closure whilst also hooking up with Acronym systems like Interpops, Sound and Tec Sys webbing.

The Acronym J53TS Jacket is available now from In other ‘techwear’ news you should also check out our feature on the Taiwanese techwear label Guerrilla Group.