Distribution, wholesale, brand consultancy and content management.

With extra sharp eyes for what looks good, the RC agency is constantly on the scout for new and exciting brands. As well as the media & retail side to our business we also look after distribution & wholesale for selected brands that also tie in with our ethos. Where we see potential, we will bring the label to the UK market working with our vast network of connections, buyers and contacts in the industry. We can also work with brands on a content and consultancy basis offering our experience, expertise and industry knowledge.


rave skateboards

Rave Skateboards

Rave is a brand both influenced by skateboarding and boeuf bourguignon. A vibrant streetwear label based out of the heart of Bordeaux drawing inspiration from French street culture and the original rave scene. The collections are bold, reflective and unique bringing something different out of Bordeaux that’s not made out of grapes. Rave Skateboards have been featured on High Snobiety’s ‘Under The Radar’ for March 2017 as well as gaining repeated media coverage from ourselves.


Paradise Youth Club

Paradise Youth Club

Drawing inspiration from 90’s streetwear and the original rave scene, Paradise Youth Club are an Indonesian streetwear label to watch out for. Previous collaborations have included Alpha Industries with their famous MA-1 bomber jacket with further collaborative projects set to come throughout 2018.