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How Patta Put Amsterdam Streetwear On The Global Streetwear Map

Jonas Zitter
Amsterdam Streetwear Patta

We take a look at how Patta put Amsterdam streetwear in front of a worldwide audience to become one of the biggest streetwear labels.

The Netherlands. A small country which is often associated with clogs, the sea, the colour orange, legal weed, and many other things. As far as streetwear goes, the biggest thing to come from Dutch soil has to be Patta. With global appeal, and the second physical store opening in London in 2016, and their most recent colorful collection, Patta has made its name in the game. However, with the recent rise in the popularity of streetwear within the Netherlands, various brands are making waves within the country below sea level. Brands such as Daily Paper and Filling Pieces are now a common sight in the streets of many Dutch cities. As the streetwear scene grows as a whole, so does the Amsterdam and Dutch scene, so let’s see what the country full of windmills and stroopwafels has to offer!

Patta x Carhartt WIP

Above: One of our favourite Patta collaborations so far was with Carhartt WIP in 2016.

In ‘straattaal’ or street language, the Dutch slang, Patta means shoe. And as the name suggests, the brand’s origins lie in footwear. Patta’s just-do-it-yourself mentality started in 2004 when the team, consisting of Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt, travelled to all corners of the earth in order to find new heat to flex on the streets of Amsterdam. Over the last couple of years, Patta has turned itself into the Amsterdam streetwear powerhouse, starting out by printing their logo on a t-shirt for their own circles, the demand grew up to the point where it is now, with 15 retailers around the world stocking the brand.

Patta x Nike ON AIR

Above: Streetwear enthusiasts outside the Patta x Nike On Air event in Amsterdam in 2017.

After making their name in Amsterdam through supplying the streets around the Dam with unique heat, slowly but surely shirts with the Patta logo made their way onto the backs of people in the Dutch capital. Starting off as a gift for friends & family, regular customers also got their hands on the tees. This soon expanded to both the sneaker and hip-hop world. It became evident that the demand was growing at an incredible speed, Patta slowly evolved into the brand it is today.

Patta played their cards right, supporting artists with their garments. This investment rewarded them tremendously, introducing Patta to a whole new audience. OG hip-hop artists such as Opgezwolle, Jawat, de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Winne and Uniq all sported their gear.

patta amsterdam

Above: The Patta Amsterdam store is now located at Zeedijk 67, Amsterdam.

A phenomenon we still see today, when an influential person wears something, it is quickly picked up by the mainstream. As this growth proceeded, Patta started to expand their horizons. Collaborating with many household names, on national and international level. The collaborations ranged from graphic designers to techno producers, and from students to brands such as Nike & adidas. Most notably the collaboration on the Air Max, a shoe that is almost synonymous with Amsterdam. Funnily enough, the well-known shoe that has come out of the joint effort, is literally called ‘Amsterdam’. The teal and burgundy shoe now goes for astronomical amounts on the resell market. According to StockX, the collectible sneaker is limited to up to 300 pairs. However, a rarer version of this shoe is in circulation, namely the f&f version, which features a stitched signature from a brand named Parra, another big name in the streetwear culture within Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Patta and Parra have always worked together closely, sharing an office when the plans for the AM1 were on the table.

Amsterdam Streetwear Patta

Above: The Patta running team in action in Amsterdam.

Another notable initiative that Patta can stamp its name on, is the Patta running team. After Nike welcomed the idea of motivating students from ROC Amsterdam to run the half marathon of Amsterdam, the plan was set in motion. The primary goal wasn’t to run the marathon or to train hard, but to show the students that strength is in numbers. With all the participants decked out in Patta Running team gear, and training under supervision of Fysiomed, a sports center that is involved with top athletes in the Netherlands. Due to the team feeling, the team trained as hard as they could to reach their personal goals, all while crossing their own personal barriers and learning about each other’s’ backgrounds. Patta was able to fulfill the same goal as they had in mind for the participants. Nike was able to take the running team to a level Patta was unable to reach on its own.

Gee Patta Amsterdam

Above: The Patta London store which opened in 2016, located at 6 Silver Place, Soho.

With pop-ups around Asia in 2017, and their second flagship store in London, Patta continues its worldwide growth. Patta is ready to take on the world, growing from an Amsterdam household name, to a name known around the globe. In other Patta related features you can also check out our interview with Patta’s Gee from 2017.

Jonas Zitter
Jonas Zitter

Jonas Zitter, the latest addition to the RC team, contributes from across the pond. Based in the Netherlands, his aim is to supply a different perspective. In the 3 years that he has been into streetwear, the ‘darker’ side has found a place within his wardrobe, with Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Joe Chia being his main inspirations and most worn designers, he aims to enrich the knowledge of the reader and show them a shade of the fashion world, while staying true to the culture.

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