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Everything You Need To Know About The Amsterdam Streetwear Label, ATHRTY

Jonas Zitter
ATHRTY Amsterdam

Once again, we’re diving into the streetwear world within the Netherlands with the Amsterdam born label, ATHRTY.

The small country continues to make waves on a national and international level. ATHRTY (pronounced authority) is the latest wavemaker in the Netherlands. From kimonos with a heavy techwear influence to out-of-the-ordinary basics, the brands aesthetic is one that the world is just getting to know. With its roots in Amsterdam, ATHRTY has various values that make up its identity. In order to get to know the brand, we will have to know what ATHRTY stands for. The brands’ mission is to ‘transform the wearer into an undeniable authority.’ The locally produced, innovative garments fuel expression in its purest form.

ATHRTY Amsterdam

As with all brands, ATHRTY started with a dream. Okky Sanyoto, one of the co-founders, pitched his plan and dream to his partner, brother, mother and sister in law. All of these people combined their talents and forces, thus, ATHRTY was born. As one can imagine, the bond of family runs within the brand. This familial bond especially shows at the brands pop-up stores, where it is like walking into an aesthetically pure living room, stocked with garments perfected with flowy fabrics, eye catching red and silver details.

ATHRTY Amsterdam

Community plays a large role in Amsterdam. Within the capital of the Netherlands, events, stores and brands constantly drive the local community closer together. ATHRTY and its community are made synonymous though the values that the name stands for. In its first year, the Amsterdam label has thrived due to its international mindset, with travel and the big city in mind. With plans of its upcoming collection named VOYAGE, the family and brand aims to change the urban environment of not only Amsterdam, but the entire urban environment around the globe. Plans for more pop-ups, collaborations, shoots and stockists are in the works. One thing is for sure, this authority is one to respect, we caught up with the brand to find out more.

ATHRTY Amsterdam

What does the name ATHRTY stand for?



How many people does the team consist of?

Five people, each of whom has our own specialty and adds value to the growth of ATHRTY.


How does your origin and the Netherlands / Amsterdam influence the vision of ATHRTY?

We are all very internationally oriented, love traveling and the big city. We also want to transfer this to ATHRTY and create that urban vibe with photo shoots, designs and styling.


How has the Netherlands reacted to the brand so far?

We have been active for just a year now and have received very positive reactions to date. We have also received many requests from people to work with.


What are the plans for the future? (Another pop up / own store etc)

The goal is to roll out to stores at home and abroad, set up bold campaigns and see ATHRTY in the streets. Of course we want ATHRTY to become an understanding and respected brand and the target group really feels an authority in clothing.


Are there any collaborations in the future / with whom / you would like to work together?

Naturally, there are great collaborations. We are working to find the right parties that fit our aesthetic. Keep an eye on our social media channels regarding our collabs.

Jonas Zitter
Jonas Zitter

Jonas Zitter, the latest addition to the RC team, contributes from across the pond. Based in the Netherlands, his aim is to supply a different perspective. In the 3 years that he has been into streetwear, the ‘darker’ side has found a place within his wardrobe, with Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Joe Chia being his main inspirations and most worn designers, he aims to enrich the knowledge of the reader and show them a shade of the fashion world, while staying true to the culture.

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