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Banksy Hits Paris With Rats & Migration Murals

Luke Taylor
Banksy Paris Migration napoleon

The world renowned street artist, Banksy, has put up his latest pieces in Paris highlighting the French migration crisis.

Following on from his recent stint in New York with pieces like ‘The Whip’, the Bristol born street artist, Banksy, has now taken to the streets of Paris. Over the last few days including the latest rat stencil revealed yesterday evening, various murals have appeared over the French capital, claimed by the famous street artist. The pieces include the artist’s signature rat stencils with a rat getting fired out of a champagne bottle as well as a rat holding a Stanley knife in the Centre Pompidou.

banksy paris rat stanley knife

Again the artist challenges global politics with murals that challenge the current migration crisis in Europe. As populism has grown ever ‘popular’ in the UK and Europe, some people sadly feel that we shouldn’t take in any more migrants. Obviously if the roles were reversed and these people were fleeing war torn countries looking for a better future (which we surely all have the right to?) opinions would be very different. What’s great about Banksy is how he brings pressing matters like this to the attention of the global media not to mention his 2 million plus instagram followers.

Banksy Paris Migration girl

Murals include what could be a young migrant girl spray painting over a wall with a swastika on, Napoleon on his horse wrapped in a sheet, as well as a dog with one leg and more rat stencils over looking the famous Paris landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

banksy paris rat bow

banksy paris dog

banksy paris woman

Banksy Paris rat champagne

Image credits: New York Post

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor

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