Top 10 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2020 [Reviews]

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Who wants a shabby backyard with overlong grass? Having a well-trimmed and maintained backyard and compound is a good impression of tidiness. Purchasing yourself a lawnmower is the perfect solution for this unless you are ready to use a slasher.

Choosing the best corded electric lawn mower is not an easy task. There is a vast number of lawnmowers with different attributes.

The best lawnmower doesn’t necessarily have to be a fancy one. Any lawnmower could be the best for your yard. You just have to be precise with your cutting.

Don’t put much pressure on yourself to go out looking for the best lawnmower when you could have passed it. We have some top recommended products here that you can pick.

Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Keep your lawn neat with the following best lawn mower. Any of these electric lawn mower we have reviewed can be a great purchase. Read their unique features and benefits to help you decide the right model.

List of Top 10 Electric Lawn Mower

Pick Number 1
Pick Number 1 AMERICAN LAWNMOWER COMPANY It is lightweight. It weighs 10kgs so it is easier to transport and move around. Check Price
Pick Number 2
Pick Number 2 GREENWORKS 20-INCH A 20-inch cutting blade provides fast cutting since it covers a large area. Check Price
Pick Number 3
Pick Number 3 GREENWORKS 27022 A substantial 10 Amp rated motor for better cutting through tough grass. Check Price
Pick Number 4
Pick Number 4 GREENWORKS 16-INCH 5 modifiable height positions give the lawnmower ability to cut grass to various lengths. Check Price
Pick Number 5
Pick Number 5 GREENWORKS 18-INCH Powerful electric motor rated 12 Amp for faster grass clipping. Check Price
Pick Number 6
Pick Number 6 BLACK+DECKER LAWN MOWER 13 Amp motor provides the lawnmower with a fast cutting experience. Check Price
Pick Number 7
Pick Number 7 SUN JOE MJ401E PRO 14 INCH A 10.6 grass collecting bag for efficient grass collection Check Price
Pick Number 8
Pick Number 8 BLACK+DECKER 3IN1 STRING TRIMMER 13 Amp motor provides the lawnmower with a fast cutting experience.Options as a trimmer, edger and a lawnmower make it very versatile Check Price
Pick Number 9
Pick Number 9 GREENWORKS 21-INCH 7 height adjustments giving you multiple levels to cut your grass to Check Price
Pick Number 10
Pick Number 10 BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Durable design enabling it to last for decades Check Price



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I recently purchased this lawnmower and I’m giving it a thumbs up. Trimming my garden has been all fun. With its powerful 11 Amp motor,

this electric corded lawnmower allowed me to cut through all types of grasses. It also had a 14-inch cutting allowance which provided me with fast grass cutting.

This lawnmower also had 5 adjustable height cutting positions which were very easy to change.

These adjustments ranged from 1-2.5 inches allowing me to cut grass of various heights. It also had a 2 in 1 rear grass discharge and mulching option. The grass collection bag was clear so I could easily know when to dispose it.

It has multiple handle height positions making it convenient for my son to cut grass with just a little help in tightening the knobs. This electric corded lawnmower has slim frames with foldable handles saving me space in storage.

It is right to say that this grass cutter is the best electric corded lawnmower. It weighs about 10kgs and is very is easy to move around and set up. It is the best substitute for a gas-powered lawnmower.

Important Features

  • A powerful 11 Amp motor which provides enough power to cut through all types of grass.
  • 5 adjustable cutting height positions that allow you to cut the grass to the preferred length.
  • A 2 in 1 feature with rear discharge and mulching. This allows you to collect grass efficiently or collect it for mulching.
  • Small and slim frames which are foldable making it easier to store it.
  • It is lightweight. It weighs 10kgs so it is easier to transport and move around.



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This lawnmower is fantastic. It had a 12 Amp powered motor which provided fast cutting. It arrived with two 50 feet 15 amp extension cords giving me the option for long-range cutting.

I bought this electric lawnmower to save on gas use and it has proved a great deal. It had a 4-year warranty so I have no worries for a couple of years. It was very easy to unfold and I had it ready in not more than five minutes. Using it is very simple.

To start it, I just pressed the ignition button and pulled the lever. This electric lawnmower does extremely well. It is lightweight and cuts very fast.

It had 7 height settings so I could easily adjust it to the higher setting and cut long grass. I had no problem with this electric lawnmower.

Its grass collection is up to the task. It is eco-friendly since it doesn’t use oil or gas. For the grass cutting job in your backyard, this is the best electronic corded lawnmower for you.

As compared to battery-powered lawnmowers, I can run my mower from start to finish without requiring to recharge it. Battery lawnmowers also require maintenance over time and it could be costly.

Important Features

  • This lawnmower has a 12 Amp powered motor which provides the pace on the blades for strong cutting.
  • Two 150 15 Amp extension cords giving an allowance for long-range cutting.
  • It has 7 different height adjustments present for cutting grass to various sizes.
  • A 20-inch cutting blade provides fast cutting since it covers a large area.
  • Has three options for grass collection. A G bag, side discharge and mulching option for better grass collecting.



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This is a great electric lawnmower. It’s delivered to my utmost expectancy. It is the best for the dethatching. It is lightweight.

Its tines are spring-loaded and are angled to pull it off the ground. This machine, despite being simple, it is also off the grid with its performance. It had a shoot coming out of the back.

Being electric, this lawnmower saved me a lot of gas money from my initial petrol-powered one. Changing the settings and this GreenWorks dethatcher is quite easy. It is located on the wheelbase. I pulled the knob out and twisted it.

It has three different settings, a low base, middle base, and high base clearly marked so I could cut over any length of the grass. It has a 10 amp powered motor so I got it doing an amazing job at my yard.

This dethatcher greatly outweighed my expectations and I certainly give it a 5-star. It has a long power cord which delivered a substantial amount of power the dethatcher.

It came with a padded grip so I was able to use it comfortably and for longer periods without my fingers getting exhausted. I didn’t get any negative feedback on this item.

I used the first setting when cutting and I didn’t see any scalping. It pulled out more than the normal dethatcher and I would recommend this item for any buyer.

Important Features

  • It has 3 different settings, low base, middle base and high base settings for cutting grass of any size.
  • A substantial 10 Amp rated motor for better cutting through tough grass.
  • Has a long powerful cord which delivers a sufficient amount of power to the dethatcher.
  • A stainless steel sharp rails providing a long and reliable performance.
  • Comes with padded handles for extra comfort when in action.



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I bought this electric lawn mower about 7 months ago and I have been using it ever since. It has five adjustments on its height available and is easy to set.

I just had to push the lever forward and backward. I normally use the second height but it’s good to have the capability to cut through long grass.

With a 150 feet extension cord and at 10 amp motor, I had enough power and length allowance to cut the grass around my yard. It also has padded grips so I don’t break because of hand frictions when cutting.

It was pretty easy to start. Just like all Electric corded Motors I pressed the button and pull the bar towards the handle.

It has a two in one feature. This provides a mulching option and G bag discharge. Its grass collection with the G bag is so amazing.

I collected all the grass I had cut. Its cutting decks are also very durable. I have never replaced it since I bought it so I’m pretty much enjoying the hassle-free maintenance.

Another aspect that impresses me is its 16-inch cutting blade providing me with very fast cutting so I have more time to spare. The G bag is also easy to remove and place. I love this item and it deserves me rating it the best electric corded lawnmower. It is of the highest quality and very efficient.

Important Features

  • 10 Amp powered motor provides this electric lawnmower with enough energy to cut through thick grass.
  • 5 modifiable height positions give the lawnmower ability to cut grass to various lengths.
  • A 150 feet extension cord supplies enough power to the lawnmower for faster cutting.
  • Rear discharge grass collection ensures your yard doesn’t have any scattered grass.
  • 16-inch cutting blade increases the cutting surface area for fast grass trimming.


Top 10 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

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I can readily say that this is the best electric lawn mower from my experience with it. It produces top-quality performance in grass cutting. Its powerful electric motor is rated 12 amp hence, I was able to cut off the grass and weeds.

I have used it in my yard and I can’t be any happier. Its cutting deck is made of long-lasting steel so I’m sure of it lasting a lifetime.

Plus, I also received a four-year warranty after purchasing this masterpiece. It has a cutting allowance of 18 inches so it delivers the fastest cutting as compared to the other lawn mowers I have used.

It has a unique 2 in 1 feature for mulching and side discharge. With its 7 height adjustment positions, it can cut the highest grass and also the tiniest.

Collecting the grass for mulch was easier since it cut near the soil surface. Using a rake, the grass was easy to pile in one corner. It is very simple to use and has a great maneuvering ability.

It’s front and rear wheels are of the same size making it perfect for all-round usage. Above all this electric lawnmower is eco-friendly.

It doesn’t emit carbon dioxide at all as compared to the gas-powered lawnmowers. This electric lawn mower it’s worth every penny I invested in it.

Important Features

  • 7-inch front and rear wheel sizes make this lawnmower perfect for general grass cutting.
  • Powerful electric motor rated 12 Amp for faster grass clipping.
  • Durable stainless steel deck and cutting blades ensure the best performance for a number of years.
  • Efficient grass collection with a large G bag to maintain a clean yard.
  • Efficient grass collection with a large G bag to maintain a clean yard.



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I bought this electric lawn mower online and it arrived fast. It is very fantastic and easy to unpack. It came with a collecting bag, going at the back of the mower, handles, mulch adapter and its body.

It had a clear set of instructions on its manual so setting it up was a piece of cake. I bought it as a replacement for my old lawnmower.

As compared to the old one this one is of great quality. I was happy with my selection. It has 7 adjustable height positions. Adding this to its 13 amp powered electric motor, I was able to cut through the toughest grass.

This is presumably the best-corded lawnmower. It also has a feature available for mulching and grass collecting.

Its grass collection bag is also quite big so you can cut a wide area before stopping to dispose the grass. It has a gigantic 20-inch cutting path. Cutting my grass is very easy with this electric corded lawnmower.

I also noticed that it was also less noisy than my last one. With its great quality and performance, I’m positive on relying on it for the next decade.

It is also accompanied by the edge max technology which allowed me to cut smoothly and with ease along fences. It is very easy to store and transport. If you’re looking to invest on electric lawn mower this should be your pick.

Important Features

  • 7 height settings adjustments to enhance the trimming of grass to the required length.
  • Convenient carrying handles make this lawnmower’s transport and storage easy.
  • 13 Amp motor provides the lawnmower with a fast cutting experience.
  • The edge max technology which makes mowing along tended and hilly areas smooth.
  • Its 20-inch cutting diameter increases the rate of cutting leaving you with time to spare.



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I have been using this electric lawnmower and it is awesome. It is lightweight and easy to start. It has an adjustable deck with 3 adjustable positions which allowed me to change the height of the mower for the length of grass I wanted to cut.

It is easy to adjust its height with the presence of a lever. Its grass collection is very efficient.

This item came with a 10.6 grass collecting bag and a chute for side discharge. Its grass collecting bag is large and simple to install and remove for easier disposal of grass.

This electric lawnmower has a 13amp powered motor which provides the speed on the cutting blades while cutting grass. This is ultimately the greatest upgrade to my backyard.

With its 14-inch wide cutting capacity, I can cut lengthy grass at my backyard with ease. It’s cutting performance makes it the best electric corded lawnmower in the industry. This mower also offers a mulching option.

Its durability is enhanced by its steel blades which when powered, cuts through every type of grass.

The mower also had a pro version which gave me a discharge chute. One other feature that led me to this electric lawn mower is its customer promise. Snow Joe and Sun Joe manufacturers offered me a 2-year warranty free. I recommend this electric corded lawnmower for home-grass cutting.

Important Features

  • Sharp steel blades which offer fast and efficient cutting through thick grass.
  • A 10.6 grass collecting bag for efficient grass collection.
  • An adjustable deck with 3 three height provision for cutting through tall and short grass.
  • A 14-inch cutting path which provides fast grass clipping.
  • It has a pro version which provides a discharge chute for side grass discharge.



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This electric lawnmower is the way of the future. I got it and it has proved a great deal in the outlook of my yard. This mower is very versatile. It has a three in one feature providing the ultimate gardening experience.

It serves as a lawnmower, trimmer and edger. I was tired of the hassle with the oil and gas-powered lawnmowers that I previously preferred.

I opted into this lawnmower because it uses up less and very efficient. It is also lightweight. It weighs about 10 pounds so it’s very convenient, even for kids. It allows a 12-inch cutting space which is great.

It also has a 6.5 amp powered electric motor. For its size, the 6.5 amp motor produces superior performance. I was also able to cut through tight ages with it and it’s turning radius is impressive.

It came with a detachable deck base with four wheels, guard, an auxiliary handle, a manual, charger and to iron batteries. Its cutting height is adjustable from 1.6 to 2.4 inches. It had an automatic AFS system so I didn’t have to stop to adjust my spook when I bumped.

The first thing I did was charge the batteries before I finished setting it up. It was so effortless and I only needed a screwdriver.

Adjusting the height of its trimmer was also very easy. Not only does this product of quality mowing, but also has a trimming option. It is best for your garden.

Important Features

  • AFS automatic system that ensures your lawnmower doesn’t stop when it bumps. This enhances efficient grass cutting.
  • Options as a trimmer, edger and a lawnmower make it very versatile.
  • 6.5 Amp powered motor which provides this equipment with enough power for its uses.
  • Has modifiable heights ranging from 1.6 to 2.4 inches for cutting grass of any length.
  • It’s lightweight, small and uses less space making it ideal for a small storage room.



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I can’t stop using this electric lawn mower with its amazing cutting performance. It is amongst the best electric corded lawnmowers I have used. I have been using this mower for six months and it has been quite up to the task. It has a three-in-one feature for compact grass collection and cutting experience.

It provides options for G bag grass collection side discharge and mulching. It has seven height adjustments which are very easy to change. These multiple height positions give me the capability to cut through the grass of different heights.

This is a 13 amp powered mower. This much power on its motor provided the cutting blades with enough agility to cut through all types of grass. It has a cutting deck made of durable and long-lasting steel. For saving on storage, I loosen the handles and fold it forwards so they become less compact.

It has a cutting width of 21 inches providing me with a fast and most efficient grass cutting performance. Its padded handles come in handy in providing comfort so the vibrations on the motor couldn’t be felt on my hands. It also had 10 inch rear wheels a bit larger than the front wheels which made it efficient in bumpy areas. This electric lawn mower is great for starters.

Important Features

  • A 13 Amp powered motor that provides the lawnmower with a fast grass cutting experience.
  • Gigantic 21-inch cutting width facilitates a large surface area for fast grass clipping.
  • Its 10-inch back wheels and 7-inch front wheels making it ideal for hilly areas.
  • 7 height adjustments giving you multiple levels to cut your grass to.
  • It is heavy and its cutting decks are made of durable steel providing you with a great cutting performance for years



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This Black+Decker electric corded lawn mower is one-of-a-kind. Its winged-blades ensure that the grass cut is all collected.

It enhances grass collection by 30% more than what the other electric lawn mowers offer. This mower is made with the power to cut through long grass. The ignition is just the normal one for electric lawn mowers, a push button.

Its 6 height adjustment positions enhance its cutting performance through tall grass. These adjustments range from 1 to 3 in providing the best grass clipping. I have to say that it is the best electric lawnmower. The wheel treads of this lawnmower are rugged give me a tight grip in thick grass.

For a medium-size piece of land, this is the best lawn mower to purchase. The fact that it is made ideally for cutting tall grass makes it efficient for bush clearing.

Important Features

  • It has winged blades which provide 30%more efficient grass cutting.
  • 6 height adjustments which allow you to cut grass to various lengths.
  • Compact and enhanced design giving it the power to cut through lengthy grass.
  • Rugged wheel treads providing enough grip when cutting through tall grass.
  • Durable design enabling it to last for decades.

Best Electric Lawn Mower Corded Buying Guide

Before you spend your money on the best electric corded lawn mower, there are several essential considerations that will help you end up with the right product. Here are some crucial things that you should consider.

Engine size

The larger the engine size of your lawnmower, the better it is to cut through wet and tall grass. The ease of operation of the lawnmower also increases.

The best lawnmower is the one that offers easy operation, better grass cutting, tighter cutting, and fast cutting. The size of your garden or ground is usually the real deal here.

If you want to cut grass in a golf course, you wouldn’t get an electric lawnmower or anything with a small cutting width.

You would want to finish cutting the grass fast and enjoy it while doing so. A lawnmower with over 70 inches of cutting width would be perfect in this situation.

You’ll have to pay a bit more money for it but it should be worth it. For small-sized yards, you should get the commercial lawnmowers. They are built better than the traditional lawnmowers and are going to last for years.

Propulsion style

After selecting your engine size, you have to take a look at the propulsion feature of the lawnmower. You can have manual push mowers or you could opt for the self-propelled one.

Each option is good but you have to consider what you need for your yard size. Manual push is great for small yards while self-propulsion is best suited for medium and large-sized yards.

Type of drive

Lawnmowers come in different drives. You can have the rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or the all-wheel drive. A rear-wheel drive is the best choice for hilly grounds.

The front-wheel-drive is for an easier activity. The all-wheel-drive features all the wheels similar and is perfect for all-round grass cutting.

Wheel size

A mower with large rear wheels is nice if your yard has a lot of bumps in it. It is going to make cutting a lot smoother. Most lawn mowers come with the same-sized front and rear wheel size. This suits most general-purpose needs. This is a consideration to put in place.

Type of power

You have to think about what power source is best for your yard. There are options to choose from. You could either go for petrol, electric or battery-powered lawnmowers.

Petrol powered mowers don’t have cables but are powerful and very versatile. They do require quite more maintenance but if you got a large yard and don’t want to rely on the length of cord cables, you should consider buying a petrol-powered lawnmower.

Electric lawnmowers are the most common and preferred by many households. They’re easy to use, convenient and ideal for most of the gardens and backyards.

If you have sufficient electric supply at your home, don’t get off the grid. Get your compound an electric corded lawnmower.

Battery-powered lawn mowers are also an option though still relatively new to most people. If you’re going to choose this lawnmower, you have to consider its battery life.

You need to know how long you could use it before needing to recharge it. This saves you from spending on gas and much electricity so it’s a major consideration.


Another thing to consider is storage. Whether you are going to store it outside or inside your garage is a factor. Some lawnmowers come with clips on their handles so you could wind the cable easily for storage.

Others have a system referred to as an easy wheel also used for cable storage. Other handles can fold down to save on space. If you have little space available for storage, you should consider getting these types of lawnmowers.

Functionality and features

You should often opt for lawnmowers with the best features and functionality. Functionality is basically how the mower does in grass cutting.

With the features, it’s always about what else your mower offers. Grass collection is an example. The tool for this is grass collecting bags which are mainly located at the rear of the lawnmower. They come in different shapes and sizes and how much grass it could hold before disposing of it.

Alternatives to collecting grass are mulching and side discharge. Some modern lawnmowers all these three options, side discharge, mulching and G bags, giving you an option to choose throughout the season. Lawnmower’s functionality and features should strike your mind.


Lawnmowers come in lots of different sizes. A standard lawnmower has about 21 inches of cutting width. Cutting widths could go up to 72 inches. Some of them may be on riders.

The prices of the lawnmowers increase with their increasing blade sizes. The ones with large cutting diameters are faster in grass cutting but most of them do the job well.

According to the size of your pocket, find yourself a good enough one. The standard-sized lawnmower is great once you get used to it.


Are corded lawn mowers good?

Yes, they are. As compared to other lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers are eco-friendly since they don’t emit to the environment.

What is the most powerful electric lawnmower?

The Black+decker BEMW482BH. It provides better grass collection and is the most powerful when compared to the others.

How long does an electric lawnmower last?

Up to 20 years. As long as it is well maintained, they are very durable.

How do you use a corded electric lawnmower?

You first connect the extension cord to a power source and to the mower. Then press the ignition button and hold on to the bar until you’re finished.


Great outlooks and decency of our gardens and backyards are what define us. Getting a lawnmower would never hurt. Besides, they last for decades and they can be a major work out. When selecting the best corded electric lawn mower, always opt for the one which is guaranteed to give you satisfaction.

A lawnmower with a large cutting width is not always necessary. Get a standard one with amazing features and you won’t regret it. Electric lawnmowers are the way to go, they are eco-friendly, efficient, long-lasting and require little maintenance.

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