Top 10 Best Kitchen Degreaser (2020 Reviews)

Best Kitchen Degreaser

Are you thinking of saving time you use when scrubbing through grease in your kitchen? Then, look no further, the best kitchen degreaser is perfect as it comes with a formula which makes it easy to clean greasy surface in your kitchen without applying too much effort and time. 

When operating in a kitchen it is almost impossible to avoid oil smearing on the surface which may at times get disgusting when left for a long time.

After cooking, frying, and baking, the cooking environment ends up oily and greaser which makes it essential to have the best kitchen degreaser for the job.

The List of Top 10 Best Kitchen Degreaser

Pick Number 1
Pick Number 1 KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 This cleaner is suitable for multi-purpose Check Price
Pick Number 2
Pick Number 2 STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS This degreaser is friendly to its users Check Price
Pick Number 3
Pick Number 3 KRUD KUTTER KR01 CLEAR TOUGH This cleaner causes no skin peel or itchiness Check Price
Pick Number 4
Pick Number 4 SUPERCLEAN 101786 32OZ You can use it on all surfaces type Check Price
Pick Number 5
Pick Number 5 PROFESSIONAL LYSOL ANTIBACTERIAL It is ideal for non-porous hard surfaces Check Price
Pick Number 6
Pick Number 6 [LG][HOMESTAR MAX] It is safe to use on filters Check Price
Pick Number 7
Pick Number 7 WEIMAN 12OZ HEAVY DUTY GAS It contains a heavy-duty formula Check Price
Pick Number 8
Pick Number 8 VECTOR CHEMICALS HEAVY DUTY It works perfectly to clean metallic materials Check Price
Pick Number 9
Pick Number 9 LA’S TOTALLY AWESOME TRV185098 It contains no toxic substances Check Price
Pick Number 10
Pick Number 10 SIMPLE GREEN INDUSTRIAL CLEANER It contains no unnatural harmful components Check Price



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A degreaser should be highly concentrated to ensure quick degreasing. For stubborn oily and greasy kitchen surfaces, use KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 kitchen degreaser. Its performance will amaze you.

Besides being a kitchen degreaser, KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 is useful for other cleaning purposes. Are you having tough stains on tiles, pet houses, and also carpets?  Well, today might be your lucky day. This cleaner from Krud Kutter will act as the best cleaner due to its versatility characteristics.

If you intend on getting the best degreaser for a commercial kitchen, you can never go wrong with this specific type. Its formula is perfect in removing all kinds of stains.

To ensure that it is safe for use, this product doesn’t have any chemicals that may be harmful to human skin. It is water-based with no toxic fumes or dangerous solvents. Everything in it is super safe. You will not experience noxious smell from this kitchen degreaser.


  • Its bottle spray model ensures the convenience of utilization
  • The cleaner is ideal for removing all tough stains
  • It is safe to use on most surface type and appliances in the kitchen
  • This cleaner is suitable for multi-purpose
  • It consists of no harmful substance


  • The cleaner is not ideal for concrete surfaces



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The Stanley brand is one of the top brands in the markets today. Cutting off oils and grease on surfaces could not be possible without the best heavy-duty kitchen degreaser like Stanley home products’ original degreaser.

If you want your golf accessories, bike engines, and kitchen utility tools to maintain their durability, just clean them using this degreaser. This is already a ton of tasks that this product can make easier and quicker for you.

To get the best results for bulk cleaning from this greaser, you can water it down. In just about 15 minutes, all the stains will no longer be there on your kitchen surface and tools. Are you a barbecue lover?

Does the oil residue give you a hard time to clean? Well, Stanley home products original degreaser is heaven-sent for you. You will enjoy barbeque grilling with your buddies without stressing out about how to clean it.


  • This degreaser is friendly to its users
  • It is perfect for cleaning wood furniture and floor
  • The Stanley degreaser works to get rid of all type of oil dirt and grease
  • The degreaser does not have any irritating odor


  • You need to use its entire concentration to clean thick grease layers



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If you need a cleaner that is ideal to use with any type of fabric, Krud Kutter KR01 can work perfectly for you. If you are wondering whether it will peel off your skin, well you have nothing to worry about. Krud Kutter KRO1 has no negative effect when it comes into contact with your skin.

The main substances in this remover are detergents, emulsifiers, and surfactants which are all biodegradable. This is a perfect constitution to deal with stains.

This product contains a quality formula. You can term it as the best kitchen degreaser. The best thing about this cleaner, you can use it directly on what you need to clean. No need to dilute. Just leave it for a while and then wipe off the surface or kitchen utility.

This product has no odor. Therefore you should not worry if odor irritates you. It contains no bleach or ammonia. Just perfection at its best.


  • This cleaner causes no skin peel or itchiness
  • You can use it with all kind of fabric
  • This is a multi-purpose cleaner
  • It does not bleach off-color on surfaces and kitchen utilities
  • You can use this cleaner directly on the surface or kitchen utilities


  • It doesn’t have any smell



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You know it is not always easy to clean concrete surfaces. Most degreasers are not ideal for concrete surfaces. But who said superclean 101786 cleaner is not ideal. If you need a perfect concrete cleaner, just purchase this product. This product if the best cleaner for removing stains on light cloth materials.

Oily surfaces like on grills can also be handled using a super clean degreaser. The super clean degreaser is the best kitchen degreaser for multi-purpose and at the same time multi-surface use.

Cleaning stoves can be very hectic. Trust Superclean is the best degreaser for the kitchen stove. You can use this degreaser on almost all surfaces. From plastic, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass to metallic surfaces.

If you are dealing with a tough stain, grease, and oil cleaning or not, you can dilute the degreaser to the perfect concentration.  For tough stains always make the concentration higher than when dealing with small stains.


  • You can use it on all surfaces type
  • It can remove even the thickest layer of grease
  • The degreaser allows you to dilute to the concentration you want
  • It only requires you very less time for you to clean and degrease
  • This is a phosphate-free degreaser with a biodegradable formula


  • It is not ideal for grill cleaning



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Professional Lysol kitchen cleaner spray has a unique formula that will work miracles on your kitchen surface.

If you worry about harmful bacteria, with this product there is no need to worry. It only takes 30 seconds for the formula in this cleaner to kill all bacteria and germs. The rich foam that this cleaner foam is capable of getting rid of salmonella, pseudomonas, and staph from any hard surface.

This cleaner features an aerosol valve that you can use to spray on the side, back or upside-down directions.

Talk about disinfecting, deodorizing, there is nothing that this cleaner can’t do on your kitchen surface. You will enjoy cooking on a surface that you clean with Professional Lysol kitchen cleaner spray.

If you are experiencing unpleasant odor in your kitchen, you can always use this product to get rid of the odor. You can use it on any surface type. This cleaner is a game-changer.


  • This product ensures that there is no mildew growth
  • It is ideal for non-porous hard surfaces
  • The cleaner has no abrasives or bleach
  • It works to get rid of unpleasant odor
  • It removes all bacteria on the kitchen surface


  • The Professional Lysol kitchen cleaner has a watery concentration



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Many people don’t have the time to clean. I mean, there is more to life than just cleaning. What then will make you save time when cleaning the oily and greasy kitchen surface?

Ask no more because we have an answer for you. If you have not tested the ability of Homestar max range hood filter cleaner capability to save on cleaning time, it is the high time you use it. Just a go-ahead, prepare to be fascinated!

With the spray cap just spray this cleaner over your surface, let is stay for a few seconds and then wipe off the surface. Easy peasy! You are done to carry on with other tasks.

It doesn’t have any harmful substance and no bleach. It is safe for your skin and your kitchen surface. What’s more interesting, is that this cleaner can come in two packs or one pack. Therefore if you have a bigger kitchen surface or a small one, you have the best option.


  • It is safe to use on filters
  • The cleaner makes cleaner easy and fast
  • It is easy to utilize it due to the spray design
  • It does not bleach off the surface


  • The labels in this product’s bottle are not readable to everyone



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Having a degreaser that can clean through any gas range kitchen equipment is very crucial. This product is the best kitchen degreaser cleaner that you can use to clean grates, knobs, stoves and other equipment.

You can use this cleaner on a wide range of surfaces. The bad news is that you can’t use it on a metal surface. Therefore, take caution about that. If you were stressing where to find the best degreaser for kitchen stove, you can trust on this type from the Weiman brand.

Using this product is straightforward due to its spray-like cap. Just spray the surface and you are all set to start cleaning. Say no to wastage of kitchen degreaser. Cleaning life has never been this easy.

All thanks to Weiman heavy-duty gas range degreaser.  You will experience any scratching of your kitchen surface due to its high but gentle reaction. If you just replaced your kitchen wallpaper, Use this product to clean the surface with no worries.


  • This cleaner does not leave scratches on your surface
  • It contains a heavy-duty formula
  • Easy utilization due to the spray cap model


  • The spray cap deteriorates easily
  • The amount of this cleaner is very little



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Are you in need of the best heavy-duty kitchen degreaser?  Well, Vector chemicals heavy-duty kitchen degreaser is here for you. You don’t have to struggle with stuck food particles on your kitchen surface.

This degreaser will do a perfect job of making your kitchen surface clean and grease-free. Is has certification as a safe product to use in your kitchen. That’s the only guarantee that any kitchen degreaser user needs.

You have not heard enough yet about degreaser. Well, it is not only meant for indoor usage. It is also perfect for outdoor cleaning purposes. You all know how hard cleaning gutters can be.

This is due to rust that accumulates over time. Are you always wondering what you can do to remove the rust? We come bearing good news. This specific kitchen degreaser can work perfectly and bring about rust-free gutters. It comes in a large capacity to ensure that you have enough to take you through a long period.


  • This product can get rid of rust in gutters
  • Vector chemicals heavy-duty kitchen degreaser is a heavy-duty cleaner
  • The USDA recognizes it as safe to use on a kitchen surface
  • It works perfectly to clean metallic materials
  • You can dilute the concentration to a considerable level


  • It is not suitable for soft metals and smooth surfaces



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As its name indicate, this cleaner is awesome. Buy one and testify to this. The LA’S brand a reputable brand known to produce the highest quality products.

One being  totally awesome concentrated cleaner. It can degrease surfaces and remove all tough stains at the same time. A single product with more than one purpose. A total capacity of 64 ounces is enough for you to keep your kitchen surface clean for a long period.

This cleaner if ammonia-free, bleach-free, acid-free, and phosphorus-free. It is the best degreaser for kitchen cabinets that will leave the cabinets shining and unscratched.

Isn’t that incredible? Once you get to use the cleaner, you will never resist it. Have you ever heard people saying something is their life? Well, that will be your daily anthem with this cleaner. You will have perfect results in just a single wipe. Total awesomeness with totally awesome concentrated cleaner.


  • This cleaner does not consist of flammable components
  • You can use it for most cleaning purposes
  • It contains no toxic substances
  • the totally awesome concentrated cleaner is ideal for cleaning carpets and car seats
  • It does not bleach off kitchen surfaces


  • It is relatively expensive
  • The cleaner is less effective for getting rid of stains on tile floors



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If you mention any natural product to people, most will go for it without even looking at the other features. Do you know why?

 Well, natural products are the best in carrying out tasks mostly guaranteeing safety. Why then don’t you get a simple green industrial cleaner which is 100% natural. If you have doubts about other cleaners, at least trust on this for your safety. It neither has bleach, not flammable, nor corrosive.

The price of this product rhymes with its performance. It contains a formula that helps it in becoming versatile. If you have a greasy and oily kitchen surface, all you need to do is use this cleaner.  

It will ensure that you do the cleaning easily and in the shortest time possible. Whether the surface you are cleaning is metallic, fiberglass, concrete, fabricated or plastic, this is the best cleaner for that. It will leave the surface how it was, (no scratches) but this time cleaner.


  • The cleaner/degreaser is ideal for any surface type
  • It contains no unnatural harmful components
  • The simple green industrial cleaner is not corrosive
  • It gets rid of grease, oil, and stains
  • The cleaner is 100% natural
  • It leaves no scratches or discoloration on surfaces


  • The solvents in this cleaner are irritating


Choosing a kitchen degreaser might not be an easy task. You need to be keen on the features of the product to get the perfect one. We have some of the aspects that you should consider. Good luck in selecting the best.


You want your kitchen to smell nice and not have a chemical scent.  Some smells may be difficult to get rid of even with the best air fresheners or candles with scents.

When deciding to purchase a kitchen degreaser pick one with a scent that suits you and that will leave your kitchen not only sparkling clean but also smelling nice.

Kitchen degreasers come in all kinds of scents from lemon to citrus. A kitchen that smells nice will naturally be more attractive and provides a conducive environment to work in unlike when it smells of a chemical. Endorse your kitchen with a sweet smell that everyone will like.


Safety should always be a top priority at all times. You aim to get your kitchen surface clean and not burning your hands up by the chemical some cleaners may have. Therefore, think about your safety by choosing a kitchen cleaner that is 100% safe to use. I know that putting on a pair of gloves comes to mind.

However, some degreasers can be extra powerful for home use and also putting into consideration that it may come into contact with food which can be harmful to your health. Before buying, one has to look through the bottle to see the components in the degreaser. It helps you get a clear opinion about its safety.

Surface material

Different degreasers work perfectly for different types of floors. What might surprise you is that some degreasers (all-purpose degreasers) are suitable for all kinds of floors. You will, therefore, require to pick the most suitable degreaser for your needs.

If perhaps the surface of your kitchen is either ceramic or porcelain then, you have to look for a kitchen degreaser that is ideal for such surfaces. Do you want to damage your kitchen surface with a degreaser?

Well, I know it can be disappointing. That is why you need to be keen on the kitchen degreaser. Trust us, it will be the best thing to do.


By strength what I mean is the components that make up the degreaser, some contain certain levels of toxicity that may lead to damaging of the skin when they come in direct contact. We recommend that you go for a degreaser that works optimally on the surface you intend. However, the degreaser should also be gentle on your skin and hands.

Another pointer on degreasers is the fact that strong degreasers produce fumes that is not pleasant and environmentally friendly so when picking goes for degreasers that are non-toxic and that provide optimum cleaning.

To remove the most stubborn grease and oil, all you need is a strong kitchen degreaser.

The formula of the degreaser

Depending on the purpose, some degreasers may be more effective than others due to the formula the manufacturer uses to produce the degreaser.

Effectiveness aside, some features that other degreaser’s poses are mind-blowing and propellers to considering some degreasers. A good example is that some formulations are residue-free.

This ensures that no residue is left behind which absorbs dirt making the surface dirty within a short period. It is important to factor in what you will be using it on.

If you will use it on utensils, you will have to check for terms like “safe to use”. Some kitchen degreasers are not ideal for use on utensils. Another reason is that some may cause your utensils to lose their color.


1. What is the best kitchen degreaser?

The kitchen degreaser is considered best if its effectiveness is optimal. The main purpose of a degreaser is the cleaning and hence it has to leave your surface sparkling clean.

Kitchen degreasers also have to be safe to use and have no toxic components that are hazardous to your health. Normally the degreasers have labels that show the chemical used.

2. What is the best way to grease off of the kitchen cabinet?

Kitchen cabinets are prone to appropriate supplies. The kitchen greaser normally works better in removing tough grease stains on the kitchen cabinet surface.

Normally what kitchen greaser does is it dislodges the particles of grease stuck on cabinet surface and because it is an alkali it makes grease dissolve in water. The process is to mix an equal amount of water and kitchen greaser until one obtains a paste which is then applied to the stain to a point where a surface free of grease is attained

3. What is the best cleaner to use on the kitchen cabinet?

Any cleaner can clean the kitchen cabinet. However, the performance differentiates between the best, moderate and worst. We advise you to use the kitchen degreasers on our list. They all work to give you clean and shining cabinets. But not your cabinet material and you will know which the best of the ten is.

4. Does vinegar dissolve grease?

Vinegar contains acetic acid that makes nm the tough part in stain to soften hence saving on time and labor used in scrubbing off the stains. What vinegar does is making the process of cleaning easier.


If you are having trouble in selecting one of the hundreds of kitchen degreasers in the market, I hope these reviews were helpful.

We help narrow the selection for you by giving you only what we believe is best. Buying a kitchen degreaser will be a perfect investment.

As a person who values his/her time, all you need is the best kitchen degreaser. You don’t need to struggle getting rid of greasy and oily kitchen surfaces.

Always remember to choose a product that is safe for you and the surface. Enjoy your selection as you get a perfect bossy kitchen cleaner.

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