‘Monolith’ comes as the 3rd EP from the LA producer, BlackGummy and features dark electronic techno sounds.

A Monolith is defined as ‘a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument’. Left from ancient civilians, religions and worshippers, they have been around for thousands of years such as Stone Henge and the Pyramids. BlackGummy sets out to explore this world of ancient artefacts through electronic music on a mysterious journey with a 4 track EP. The brainchild of Los Angeles based producer Iman Marouf, BlackGummy is a musical entity invented by Marouf. The latest Monolith EP comes courtesy of mau5strap Records (Deadmau5) and includes the tracks ‘Iconolast’, ‘Arp Makes Sphinx Purr’, ‘Desert Fire’ and ‘Edifice’. Each track takes us on a musical journey of electronic music ranging from dark techno to more spacey progressive sounds from the fictional candy bear.

BlackGummy Monolith