Ceramic Cookware Vs Nonstick

Ceramic Cookware Vs Nonstick

With the many options that are in the market when it comes to choosing your cookware items it often proves difficult to know what is the best for you. For years the debate on the best cookware set has been a great topic especially when it comes to ceramic vs nonstick cookware. Both the ceramic and nonstick cookware are well known for the amazing nonstick features.

These two types might be great but they still do have a few drawbacks but getting the perfect one for you will go a long way in your cooking skills and how long it will last. The following are some of the few factors and comparison of nonstick vs ceramic that you can look at before coming to a conclusion on what you need.

Ceramic Vs Nonstick Cookware Comparison

Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is a modern type of cookware that is usually baked inside a kiln unlike the popular myth with most people that it is made of clay. The fact that the cookware is made inside a kiln makes it limited to a certain heat temperature and can only therefore work perfectly under restrictedtemperature but still works great at high temperatures.


The ceramic cookware is water resistant and oil resistant and this helps in making sure that your food does not get to stick onto the pan or the cookware. These ceramic cookware is made of silicon (II) oxide with the hydrophobic getting encased on the coat. With the ceramic cookware having a glazed finish it gives the cookware a shiny smooth surface and prevents any moisture from entering the cookware and this is what makes it hydrophobic.

Heat gets distributed evenly throughout the whole cooking surface. This is a contributing factor as to why the food does not burn and stick to the cookware. The heat being evenly distributed ensures that there is no part of your food that remains uncooked or burnt. The ceramic cookware is in some ways quite alike to the cast iron pans or pots in the even distribution of heat. The only difference is that with the ceramic cookware you do not need to season it every time after you use it.

It can handle any high temperature without giving you a reason to get stressed out. Just like stated in the introduction above the ceramic cookware gets passed through the kiln at very high temperatures to strengthen it. Therefore exposing this ceramic cookware to great temperatures does not even crack your cookware or split it. 

Its enamel coating is made out of glass powder that is molten and porcelain glaze making it more susceptible to great temperatures. It is recommended for meat searing and any other cooking activity that requires high cooking temperature.


  • Non-stick cooking surface.
  • Very easy to cleanup.
  • Great for high temperature cooking.
  • Made of durable materials.


  • Wears out after a short period of time.

Nonstick cookware

In today’s world most people have nonstick cookware in their kitchens as one of the essential utensils. If you do not have nonstick cookware you should get yourself a few of them and since you are reading this review it is a high possibility that you are thinking of getting them. 

The nonstick cookware allows you to cook with a little amount of oil making it great if you are one of those fit people who hate lots of fats in their food.


Requires you to use just a few drops of oil without your food having to stick to the pan or the cookware. Most of the foods we eat require oil during cooking but with the nonstick cookware it does not all that oil. 

With its surface being enhanced with a nonstick base coating like aluminum that is used to keep the food from sticking to the cookware even with little or no amount of oil. This feature allows you to make the best out of a healthy nutritious meal especially for those who are strict with their diet. 

Your food gets prepared in no time and it is still delicious even after cooking without oil and it does not burn.

It offers you with an even heat distribution surface that gives you reliable cooking by spreading the heat throughout the cookware. Most nonstick cookware are usually flat at the bottom and this serves as an added advantage to the even distribution of the heat. Heat is therefore distributed throughout the cookware or your pan evenly. You now get to save up on the gas that you get to use for cooking.

The nonstick cookware is scratch resistant owing to the fact that it has a nonstick coating that is very solid. Although it is scratch resistant it still depends on the type of spoon you use with it. Remember that to make it nonstick there is a number of layers that are added to the cookware and if they are vigorously scratched and over a long time they will eventually start to wear off. 

Buying the right spoon to match your nonstick cookware is made essential by this fact. You should not use steel spoons or the other regular spoons instead use nonstick spoons to keep the coating on for long.


  • Washing and drying is quite easy.
  • Modern stylish look making your kitchen look lively.
  • Great nonstick properties.


  • Do not submit it to temperatures above 500o Fahrenheit.
  • It release toxins that are harmful to humans.

Which is the best choice?

When comparing ceramic cookware vs non stick, think about how you are going to use the cookware. For example ceramic is more durable compared to the nonstick cookware and the nonstick cookware is said to release some harmful toxins. The ceramic cookware was an idea that was brought to life after most nonstick cookware users complained about the PTFE material and its effects on the human body.

These nonstick cookware also releases quite an amount of toxins especially if it subjected to high temperatures past its given heat limit. Ceramic cookware is therefore the best choice that we will lean towards since it will provide a healthy cooked meal. If you opt for nonstick cookware which is a great idea you should make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best quality.


Whether you are moving in on your own or thinking of investing in new cookware in your kitchen I am sure your work has been made easier after reading this article and you can choose the best cookware. Cooking and cleaning can be an easy task with the right cookware which is what I have recommended for you.

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