The innovative trainer protection brand have released a stackable crate system for all the sneaker addicts of the world.

Following on from their recent London store and space launch in June 2017, Crep Protect have now revealed their next concept in trainer protection. First we had their famous spray which I am sure many avid trainer collectors could probably not sleep easy without, as well as a variety of functional cleaning goods from wipes to cleaning fluid. Their next concept still goes with the function of trainer protection although this time acting as storage space for your beloved trainers. All avid sneaker collectors will know once you get over 10 or so pairs, storage does become an issue. Do you leave them in the boxes or out? Do you keep the boxes? Do you wear them? These are just a few of the questions running through a sneaker addicts mind after purchasing a pair of £150 exclusive NMD’s.

crep protect crate

Sneaker collection and storage is made easy thanks to the Crep Protect Crate system. The crates are fully stackable with a crystal clear front allowing you to showcase your investments. Features include a magnetic closing door and UV protection panels to protect the contents from the suns gaze.

The Crep Protect Crate system is available now from You can also check out our previous feature on the Crep Protect London store.