‘Question Time’ is taken from Dave’s forthcoming ‘Game Over’ EP and explores real life problems.

Santan Dave’s latest track starts with the lyrics “A question for the new Prime Minister, how do you have a heart so sinister?”, which sets the scene for ‘Question Time’. A pun on the political BBC TV show where politicians take a grilling from Jeremy Paxman. The track is taken from the eagerly anticipated forthcoming EP ‘Game Over’ which will be released November 3rd 2017, Dave looks at real life struggles. There has been a growing movement happening in the UK over the last 12 months which was largely highlighted at the last general election. Fed up with the same lies, politicians personal achievement agendas, social housing problems, and the fact a select few are allowed to prosper.

Dave Game Over EP

Stagnated wages across the NHS and public services, ridiculous expenditure on defence budgets when there are serious problems closer to home. Dave challenges all these issues with this political grime track, questioning whether we could trust Jeremy Corbyn in power, the war in Syria, why the Grenfell Tower fire was allowed to happen and the corrupt establishment. Its great to see the young artist raising awareness because something has to be done and change needs to happen, sooner rather than later.

You can pre-order the ‘Game Over’ EP from itunes.com and catch Dave in a string of shows from Glasgow to London throughout November and December 2017.