C.P. Company’s Eyes On The City campaign focuses on the SPEZIAL front man, Gary Aspden, in this short film.

C.P. Company recently introduced their Eyes On The City campaign which looks at different cities through the unique eyes of the wearer of their famous Mille Miglia jacket. The next intsalment turns to London and Darwen in Lancashire through the eyes of Gary Aspden aka Mr SPEZIAL.

Whether you were first introduced to brands like C.P. Company or Stone Island in the late 80’s or early noughties, those who really appreciate the brands will understand its significance to subcultures and music. Gary Aspden talks about growing up around the Northern acid house scene, the casual subculture and how brands like C.P. Company shaped his life to becoming one of the most well respected names in the industry, now curating the SPEZIAL lines for adidas. For those who grew up wearing the gear and still wear it to this day, it carries a social story and heritage that those who were never affiliated or involved with the scene will never really truly understand.

You can check out all the latest ‘goggle goodies’ now at cpcompany.com as well as an interview with Gary Aspden we ran from a few years back.