7 Helpful Tips For Taking Care Of Aging Parents

Babies need loving care and attention. Ageing parents in the family also need love and care from time to time.  

Taking care of the parents is a healing experience for them and satisfying one for the children. Little things such as checking body temperature or massaging the aching knees of the elderly in the family do half the job of bringing a curative and relaxing experience. It is time to take off the mental stress of the old parents through these helpful remedies.

Find out the Need of your Parents:

A small child raises a noise on not getting his favourite toy. Likewise, senior citizens are not able to express their desires and necessities, which leaves a gap in their proper care.

Adults in the family should try and identify the missing things that are making their ageing parents feel uneasy. It can be a health reason, a mental conflict, lack of family support, loss of appetite, mobility issues, personal hygiene, financial problems or less interaction with other people at home and friends. Once you get to know the root of the problem, it will become easy for the seniors to come out of it.

Get hold of a care-giving notebook to jot down the areas to improve upon. Hire a driver to take your ageing mom for her monthly check-up. Or tell your child to fetch medicines for your ailing father from the drugstore. Little things like these will make a big difference for you and your ageing parents.    

Make your Parents Regain Activity:

It may be straining for the parents to go and shop for daily essentials. Let them step out and resume walking in the nearby park or go for a laughter session with senior citizens. It will increase their physical activity and add a spark of confidence in the otherwise lethargic lifestyle.

Make use of small little methods to bring convenience and comfort to your parents. Teach them the art of booking home delivery on online e-commerce portals like Amazon, Walmart for a cleaning item (soap, dishwasher, home fragrance), medication or ready to eat meals. Show them how to book emergency orders when they run out of stock. They can fulfil their travel needs also by booking a cab to see a doctor or care provider. Guide your parents on what they can do to feel happy and mentally interactive.  

Look into their Home Safety Essentials:  

Older adults are prone to lose balance and fall or trip. The findings are scary. Every year, 1 in 4 seniors fall; 1 out of 5 falls lead to a serious injury. Look around and identify any leaks, loosened hinges or sharp edges in the house that can instigate a fall.

Fix around things in the house because that is the only way to enhance the safety of the elderly. Add grab bars and stair railings so that they can hold on to it while walking in the house. Do away with the wires and cords on the floor to cut the chances of the old father from tripping. Lights should be bright and the switches should be in easy reach. Consumer appliances should be in working condition. Try and reduce the chances of the seniors to use a step stool.

Set Healthcare Reminders for your Aging Parents:  

Remembering a medical prescription for even a small ailment needs a sharp memory. For older people, it can be a tough job handling their medication. Mistakes can happen on the dosage and frequency.  

To do away with confusion, speak to your pharmacist to organize the medication for your parents in a dispill pack. It is a medication reminder box that is easy to use and colour-coded so that they know when to take which medication in a day.

Listen with Patience and Eagerness:  

Growing up means gaining a sense of maturity. The scarcity of time and willingness to give a patient ear to the problems faced by the parents play a spoilsport. Parents may fear to lose their independence and holding onto things in old age.

Be more approachable and ask your parents the kind of help they need. Parents have their opinions, so it is important to respect them. Try to fulfil their requirements in the shortest possible time, if possible. They will bless you. Your time is an investment for them so try and make it happen.

Involve Parents in Interaction and Participation:

In joint families, there is a common fear among senior citizens of exclusion from decision-making. This breeds insecurity and sets a feeling of loneliness in them.

It may not be possible for working children to be with their parents round the clock. The only way out is to be within their reach through communication devices. Buy your old parents’ a functional mobile phone so that they can reach you in times of need or emergency. Call them once a day at least to enquire about their health and provisions they need. It will give them a feeling of bonding and security.  

Keep a Stock of the Financial Needs of the Parents:

Monetary expenses are natural while caring for the elders in the family. The cost of medical and caregiving support comes at a price. It is important to keep into account the potential expenses of your parents in healthcare and insurance and plan for the same.

Consider taking affordable life insurance policies for senior citizens from companies like final expense insurance. There are senior citizens welfare schemes also that help you pay for their healthcare needs on a long-term basis. Consult a financial planner for money-saving and growing schemes to keep your seniors in a healthy financial position all through.


Caring for ageing parents is a humanitarian gesture. In your busy schedule and family responsibilities, take time every day to tell your ageing parents how much you love them.