How to Balance Lawn Mower Blades


Are you wondering how to make your lawn mower more effective? You can do this if you know how to balance lawn mower blades. A lawnmower will last long when it is serviced well and also well maintained. One way of maintaining your lawnmower is to ensure the blades are well balanced. Well, balanced blades will reduce engine wear and give you a smooth and nice cut. A balanced blade also reduces the vibrations produced by the engine.

One way of balancing the lawnmower blades is by using the Oregon Mower Blade Balancer. It ensures that your blades are sharpened evenly which will make your lawnmower last longer. The Oregon mower balancer gives an accurate blade balancing to the blades.

It helps reduce vibrations produced by the engine. This ensures a smoother cut of vegetation on the lawn. It works the best on circular designed blade patterns. It also works on other designs of lawn mowers efficiently.

How to use the Oregon Mower Blade Balancer

You place Oregon on a flat- leveled table. Then place the blade on the balancer and use a cone for the balancing process. The blade assumes a perfect horizontal shape or might differ depending on the distribution of the material. If the blade slightly tilts in one position, you should grind it down until it gets to a perfect equilibrium.

This makes it efficient and enjoyable. When this is made a habit before using the blades you are assured of a long term service of the lawnmower. Your lawn will always be neatly cut.

Using Stens Blade Balancer

Another great way of balancing the lawn mowers for a perfect cut is using the Stens Blade Balancer 750-042. This blade balancer is made using metal to ensure it is durable. It is easy to use. Made to suit all designs of lawn mower blades patterns. After removing the blades, place them on the blade balancer to check whether it has a nice state of equilibrium. If it is not perfectly balanced, sharpen the heavier side to be lighter to balance.

A great technique of balancing the blades of the lawnmower is by correctly tightening the bolts or nuts. When fastening the nuts, you don’t fasten one completely tight but rather you begin by placing nuts in an alternate pattern. Screw the nuts simultaneously. After that, work on the other pair of screws if there are there. This will ensure that the blade fits correctly and tightly in a balanced manner.

Check blade direction

It is very important to ensure that the direction of rotation of the blades is the one recommended for the lawnmower. This improves the levels of a balance of the blade and reduces the vibrations produced by the engine. The wings of the lawnmower should be aligned to face towards the mower deck. Any writings present on the blades should face downwards/ away from the deck.

Bolt washers, the concave-shaped side should face the side of the blade. Taking good consideration of alignment of the blades concerning the deck, the blades will have a higher chance of being balanced for effective and durable use of the lawnmower.

A lawnmowers blade can lose its balance if one side becomes blunter than the other. It tends to tilt lower than the other blade thus makes the engine vibrate more leading to wear. When this is not taken care of it will shorten the life span of your lawnmower and also do some shoddy work.

Final Words

You need to take consideration when it comes to replacing worn-out blades. Fitting blades that are not suitable for your lawnmower will waste your money and do shoddy work. The best lawn mower blades you want to fit, you must ensure that the balance of the blades is maintained.

You might find that some blades may be having a big rate of imbalance. This should not worry you anyway. Use either of the two machines reviewed above. Grind the blades slightly closely observing whether they are balancing to avoid overdoing it. Get yourself the Oregon Mower Blade Balancer for the best balancing of your lawnmower’s blades.

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