How to Refill a Butane Lighter

How to Refill a Butane Lighter

When it comes to the choice of lighters, refillable ones are the best. They will ultimately make your smoking experience great. Refillable lighters are also pocket-friendly. They save you the cost of buying other lighters when the butane runs out. If you are going to smoke in a windy environment, getting a refillable butane lighter would be ideal. This is because they are built to let your cigar bun evenly.

Besides having the right lighter for yourself, you must also enjoy your cigar or pipe. No one would want butane getting into their cigar. Having a good butane fuel is therefore necessary. Here’s a description of some of the best butane fuel brands you could get.

  • Whip-it Premium butane

This is a very popular brand of butane fuel. If you’re looking for a natural butane source, better get the whip-it premium. It has high-quality butane with zero impurities to produce the cleanest burn. This brand is imported from the UK.

  • Zippo Butane fuel

Probably everyone out there has heard about Zippo. This butane fuel brand has been around ever since. It is one of the most trustworthy butane fuel brands. It is very convenient for filling a lighter. It was initially made to refill zippo lighters only but it works well on all lighters. The fact that this lighter has been around for very long is a clear indication of its superiority. If it wasn’t good, believe me, it would have collapsed a long time ago. If you’re uncertain on which butane fuel to get for your lighter, just get this one.

  • Premium Butane Colibri

This butane fuel brand has also been in existence for quite a while. It is a high-quality butane, 99.99% pure. Being pure, it won’t get into your cigar. Its purity ensures that a clean burn is provided so your valves won’t be clogged. These features make it a very favorable fuel for butane lighters. The Premium butane Colibri is made in the UK. Colibri manufacturers not only make butane but also cutters and lighters.

  • Lucienne Butane Fuel

Another butane fuel brand that has been around for a long time is the Lucienne butane fuel. I used this fuel brand to refill my lighter for a while. It is good and I recommend it. It is manufactured in England. For pure and natural burns, this is the right butane fuel.

  • Ronson Butane Fuel

The other type of butane fuel is the Ronson. This brand is also familiar amongst people for its ever existence. It is very reliable for refilling your butane lighters. It is very precise. It produces a steady and hot blue flame on the lighter. It is made in the US and is a very affordable option for butane fuel.

  • King Universal Butane Fuel

The King Universal butane fuel is another alternative of lighter fuel we have in the market. It is a source of natural butane fuel. It is highly filtered. Its can is labeled 5× meaning it has been filtered five times. This makes it high quality. It is also very prominent, a lot of people buy it and love it.

  • Ignitus Ultimate Butane

This is another type of filtered butane. Its previous products were the 7× and 11× filtered butane. The latest product is the ultimate premium refined butane. All its products are great but I advise anyone to opt for the latest brand. It is the best amongst all of them in terms of purity or quality.

  • Xikar Purofine

Xikar butane fuel brand without a doubt produces the best-refined butane. It is marked 30 parts to a million. With this, you’re never going to taste an ounce of butane in your cigars since it doesn’t have odors.

How to Refill a Butane Lighter

You will need to refill your lighter either when butane runs out or when you’re using bad butane fuel. Refilling your butane lighters is very easy. First, you’ll have to ensure that your lighter is empty. You will have to purge it. A key or scissor edge will work well.

Press the filling nozzle with your object until the hissing stops. This will get rid of the bad butane in the lighter. Grab your fuel can, tip it over and place it vertically on the lighter’s mouth. Press it down for the time it is required to.

Lighters come with instructions stating how long it takes to refill it. Others come with a gauge showing the level of fuel in it while some are transparent so you could easily see. You will feel a cold sensation on the lighter when filling it.

Generally, the idea is to fill it continually until it spits out. Butane comes out freezing so it would be impossible to ignite at the moment. It takes about 5 minutes to get the butane to room temperature. During this time, you could place it in your palm and wrap around it to reduce the period. After this test your lighter out.

The benefit if using refined butane is that you’re not going to taste it on your cigar. I highly recommend purchasing small lighters. This is because big lighters use cheap fuel which gets into your cigar. This is why getting a butane lighter is handy. I hope the above butane torch lighter review provides you with helpful information. Consider selecting a butane fuel from the brands I’ve reviewed.

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