How to Use a French fry Cutter

How to Use a French fry Cutter

What better tool to use when you need your fries nicely done other than the famous French fry cutter? With this, you can never go wrong. It perfectly cuts potatoes into fine sizes giving you the best pristine fries you could ever get. 

Since it is now available in all sizes, you can cut and fry your own at the comfort of your home saving you the trouble of going to a restaurant to get your fries. The good thing is it does not require any skills to operate. Just a simple set up procedure and you are good to go. Check this detailed French fry cutter review for easy use.

Proper Sanitation

As we all know, everything we consume must be handled with utmost care to prevent any unnecessary infections. This also applies when cutting your French fries. Before you start cutting your fries, first ensure that the cutting machine is clean. 

Disassemble all the parts by first unscrewing the pusher block since the potatoes are pressed here, dirt tends to accumulate and get trapped by the rails. The dirt accumulated here is the one that tends to cause various infections such as typhoid and cholera. Thoroughly clean all the dissembled parts with disinfectants, rinse then sanitize and leave to dry.


After getting all your cleaned parts together, arrange them in an orderly manner for easy assemble as you go about the process. Screw the pusher block and railings carefully back in the machine and ensure they are tightly held and in place as found before.

Mounting on a surface

In doing so, you give the cutter a stable position to be able to withstand pressure and cut the potatoes into fine fries of any shape and size that you may desire. You can do this by placing the cutter on either cutting board or smooth countertop by flipping the base in the opposite direction to ensure the cutter is firmly held in place. 

This ensures there will be no slip ups during cutting leading to unnecessary accidents that could have been easily prevented thus saving one unplanned for costs like rushing to the emergency room and obviously the pain that comes with it.

Cutting the potatoes

Raising the cutter arm, place the potato in the hopper ensuring that it fits loosely giving the pusher block ample space to able to press the potato pass through the rails cutting it into fries. Pressing down the cutter arm, apply constant pressure and firmly press the potato. 

To save yourself a lot of hustle and bustle, ensure the potato loosely fits in the hopper or simply place a cut potato not necessarily a full-size potato. This helps prevents the potato from jamming the hopper or even damaging the cutter itself, as at times some potatoes tend to be quite hard. 

Save yourself the extra budget by being mindful of the size of potatoes you plan on cutting.

Dissembling the parts

In order to remove the cutting grid, press the push button on top to release the grid and slide it out from the machine below the cutter. The pusher plate can be easily removed by turning the lever clockwise to unlock the release it from the cutter. 

After ensuring all parts are carefully released from their original set up points, start the cleaning process. You can either decide to hand wash or spray with soapy water then rinse and dry.

Since the cutting grids are sharp, always avoid any contact with the fingers or hands and most importantly, ensure they are out of reach of children. Now, you do not want any of your child’s fingers missing, do you?  

When installing the cutting grid, push it into the slot until you hear a click and fit the pusher plate’s hooks through the metal plate to turn clockwise to lock when putting back the pusher plate. 

With that in mind, always ensure the safety of everyone near you is guaranteed before, after or when using the French fry cutter.

Final Words

In case you decide on getting your own cutter and choose to use it at home for mainly family meals or just fries for the kids at home, I highly recommend you go for one that is easy to use and will not give you any problems during installation. 

Considering the size of the cutter can be an added advantage since you will be able to get one that will not disappoint you in any way. In addition to that, the cutter can also be used on other firm vegetables like sweet potatoes or fruits such as pears and apples.

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