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Interview with Jockum Hallin From Our Legacy

Daniel Taylor
Jockum Hallin Our Legacy

We caught up with, Jockum Hallin, the head honcho and founder of the Scandinavian brand that is Our Legacy for a Q&A.

Our Legacy have caused quite a storm in the world of Scandinavian menswear in recent years and are highly respected and recognised as one of the top Scandinavian brands dominating the scene at the moment. Obviously we were thrilled when Jockum agreed to be interviewed as we really like the brand and ethos of Our Legacy at Real Clobber Magazine.

Jockum Hallin started the brand and released their first collection 10 years ago in 2005. Over the last 10 years the brand has continued to build its ethos around clean and minimal no fuss clothing. The collections see the same no fuss approach as they did 10 years ago. You can check out the most recent collections from Our Legacy at ourlegacy.se.

Jockum Hallin Our Legacy

What was the first item of clothing that you bought that sealed your love for fashion?

Hard to remember, but I guess my first pair of Levis jeans back in second grade started something, 1988 or so, I wouldn’t leave my mother alone until she copped them for me. But that’s more love for “clothing” and dressing that was born then, still everything you wanted at that age was very generic. I started experimenting more with my personal style, with new and vintage stuff, when I started skateboarding in 1992-93.


What were your favourite places to shop at before Our Legacy began?

The best store in my hometown Jönköping was called “Bobby´s Superstore”, I hung around there a little and tried my first hours on the floor there when I was 12 years old as a school internship.

Later in Gothenburg which was the ”big” city close to my hometown “NK Mens Trend” was really good and in Copenhagen ”Storm” was the place to visit.


Where was the concept behind Our Legacy ignited?

In Jönköping and Gothenburg, as a result of love and similar thinking from a couple of childhood friends.


Where did the name ‘Our Legacy’ come from?

We nurtured a dream of leaving something substantial behind, something coming generations could hopefully find and pick up. One of our first thing we put down on our “scheme” was that we wanted to do clothing with such high quality and timeless style that our future kids could wear the same pieces we had been wearing. Not easy to live up to ; )


In the beginning was it hard to raise the capital for a first collection of samples, and was it hard to find manufacturers and distributors?

I ran a small fashion sales agency and distribution company that sort of funded the first collections.


In the beginning were there any stores in particular that you wanted to stock your collection?

We only approached stores we admired. Storm in Copenhagen and NK Mens Trend in Gothenburg that I mentioned earlier were actually among the 10 or so stores that carried the very first collection we released in 2005.


Minimalism is in the brands DNA, blending streetwear and workwear, where do your inspirations for your collections come from?

We do not necessarily use that term, we like ”reducing”, a jacket often looks better in our eyes without pockets but in the “right” fabric : )

I guess life itself is a big inspiration for us, seeing the beauty in everyday situations. Subcultures. Youth culture. Art not so much maybe but often the ideas behind art. Photographers, the big ones as well as the more unknown. Music, but always the music not the actual artists, sorry.


Our Legacy has a very large following in the UK, why do you think England in particular has taken to your brand in such a way?

We get asked that a lot actually. My theory is this.

We (the founders) are born in 1980 and 1981, we grew up in the 90´s and experienced movements and subcultures then that I think has effected us a lot in the way we think and the way we are. Some of those movements sprung out of the UK.

In our clothing you see traces or subtle references of those things happening back then, as well as new thing happening of course, but I think that is the connection. People see references from their youth they like.


Why do you think that everything Nordic is so hot right now? From TV, to food, to fashion?

Because it´s so cold here, we better stay hot.


You’re celebrating your 10th anniversary this year, what has been your favourite moment over that time period and why?

The first time you do something is always special. The first time we sold our collection to those stores we had been admiring, the first time we showed in Paris and New York sticks, first time you saw some famous person you might have been admiring when you were younger wearing your stuff. I remember all those cherry´s popping.


Where do you see the brand going in the next decade? Do you see it staying the same or moving into conceptual fashion?

I think we are already quite progressive, on a good path, moving forward but bringing the good past with us.


How do you relax after a long day in the office?

I never get to actually, I have two young kids so after work for me is even more intense then a regular work day. I try to relax before work instead, running, tennis, surfing. They have built a couple of concrete skatebowls/pools in Stockholm recently that are looking really good. That will have to be the next addition to my morning list, to see if I still got it.

Jockum Hallin Our Legacy

Jockum Hallin Our Legacy

Jockum Hallin Our Legacy

Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor

Bridging the gap between casual menswear fashion and street wear style, Daniel has worked in the fashion industry since he was 16. His passion for footwear was ignited during his 3 years working at JD Sports where he immersed himself in the world of classic and evolving silhouettes, and advancement in the use of different materials. He favors brands such as Our Legacy and A.P.C for their work with creating sartorial excellence, and Brooklyn We Go Hard for their continued rise in the industry.

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