‘Show You How’ is taken off the ‘Black Magic Dawn’ EP from the London DJ/vocalist and songwriter, Josh Caffe.

If you had to describe Josh Caffe’s style its not an easy one to pigeon hole, which is not necessarily a bad thing. There’s clear old school inspiration in a lot of his sounds with a distinct darker undertone like this latest track ‘Show You How’, which premieres on RC Magazine today. Produced by FNV, a New York based underground music platform, ‘Show You How’ comes as part of the 1st collection of tracks from Caffe’s latest EP, ‘Black Magic Dawn’. A celebration of the original underground Chicago and Detroit sounds with inspirations from OG pioneers like Fingers Inc and Model 500.

The track itself takes you into a world of the underground and a dark journey with drum machine loops, classic acid sounds and the repetitive lyrics uttering the words “we love you now, show you how, make you proud”. Caffe has also worked alongside the likes of  Snuff Crew (Snuff Trax), Marc Hayward (Scarletinas/Nostalgia Of Mothership) and Garry Todd (BPitch) with part 2 of the EP to take a more club night sound.