MANIK’s latest album explores the influential electronic underground sounds of New York taking you on a journey from Queens to Long Island.

The Queens born DJ and producer, MANIK, pays his respects to the sounds of New York with his latest album, ‘Undergroundknowledge’. Kicking back against the whole celebrity DJ thing at present, the album looks solely to the underground and the variety of electronic influences from acid house to hip hop to jazz music. MANIK’s previous work has included releases on Poker Flat, B-Pitch Control and Fresh Meat Chicago.

The album takes us on an underground journey starting at the Queensboro Plaza train stop which connects Queens with Manhattan to the legendary 5 Pointz graffiti spot. Ranging from deep house through to the original acid sounds and late 90’s inspired interludes. The album captures the underground subcultures of the big apple over the last 30 years turning them into electronic format.

MANIK Undergroundknowledge

MANIK’s Undergroundknowledge album will be released on Josh Wink’s Ovum Records on October 6th 2017.

“Undergroundknowledge is a journey into Queens on the 7 train. It flips through my history (my youth and the sights, smells, and sounds around me) and is a window on how I grew up. Musicality wise, I wanted to explore my background of house music, but also dig deeper on the jazzy and hip-hop influences.”


MANIK Undergroundknowledge