The London based producer, Mineo, drops this heavy electronic track, with Audio Bullys.

Its been a nearly a year now since we heard any new material from the Audio Bullys. Since they rose to fame in 2003 with ‘Ego War’ with tracks likes ‘We Don’t Care’, ‘Face in a cloud’ and ‘Way Too Long’, the duo have pretty much covered every electronic genre from house to hip hop. Mixing up their live performances with even more samples and sounds, the Audio Bullys have certainly made a respected name for themselves on the electronic music circuit.

mineo audio bullys

After Tom Dinsdale left the duo in 2012 to work on his own solo projects, Simon Franks has continued to release new material such as ‘It Was A Very Good Year’ with ‘Surge’ on Spinning Records in 2016. Franks has now teamed up with Tom Dinsdale under his new alias Mineo with this classic Audio Bullys sounding electronic banger. Over the last year Mineo has collaborated with the UK grime artist CASisDEAD on a range of electronic tracks such as ‘Do It Again’ and ‘Woodblock’. Now teaming up with his old partner Simon Franks with heavy basslines which break down into 90s piano house samples its classic Audio Bullys all over again.

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