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Why Is Monkey Dust Taking Over The Midlands?

Adam Davies
monkey dust drug

From Manchester to the Midlands, synthetic drugs are taking over the streets of the UK and now its a substance called Monkey Dust.

Even with all the warnings about different drugs that are now so widely available in the UK, people are still going looking for new ways to get high and numb their feelings. While some recreational drugs such as cannabis can be considered fairly low risk compared to others, there are some that are highly dangerous and highly addictive.

One such drug that has emerged in the last couple of years known as Monkey Dust has drawn a huge amount of attention due to the effects on its users, who seemingly feel no pain even when injuring themselves quite seriously. A synthetic drug which started gaining notoriety in the Midlands, more specifically, Stoke-on-Trent has been described by sections of the emergency services as a rapidly growing epidemic which has been spiraling out of control. This is similar to other synthetic so called ‘legal highs’ such as Spice and Black Mamba which have now been classed as illegal due to the mind altering effects on its users.

Monkey Dust is so widely available, costing as little as £2 for a bag, and this is without doubt one of the reasons why its use is so widespread. There have been instances of people acting like something out of World War Z, feeling no pain and battling with multiple police officers due to having taken just a small amount of Monkey Dust. While drugs or legal highs such as this were previously used for recreational purposes, it is worrying that people appear to be now highly addicted to these unknown substances. Monkey Dust can also have other side effects such as serious hallucinations and paranoia leading to violent and extremely unpredictable episodes that emergency services have to deal with. These episodes can last for days and there have been instances where people have to be kept in hospital for their own safety until they experience a come down.

While we see videos of people doing crazy stuff while hooked on synthetic drugs such as Spice and Monkey Dust, and as funny as these videos sometimes can be, we can’t always see the damage these drugs are doing to peoples lives and the families that have to pick up the pieces. There will always be conversations about so called legal highs and whether they should be completely outlawed but if these epidemics around the UK get any worse, there might be swift changes to the laws, and harder measures for those that break them. As long as there is society there will always be new and unknown drugs on the market, illegal or not, that people are willing to take to forget their problems. The real issue in the UK at the moment is the homeless problem and sadly with this comes an ever growing drugs epidemic from people who the government seem to have forgotten about.

Adam Davies
Adam Davies

Adam is an International Journalism graduate from Liverpool. He is extremely passionate about clothing and some of his favourite brands around at the moment include Maison Margiela, Norse Projects, Acne and Kenzo. He is a big fan of casual streetwear as well as clothing that is slightly out of the ordinary or unique. He lives and breathes Everton Football Club. Other interests include playing Darts as well as golf and travelling.

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