The all time dance classic, ‘Push The Feeling On’, gets treated to an updated remix just in time for New Years Eve.

Originally released in 1995, ‘Push The Feeling On’, by the Scottish electronic dance music group, Nightcrawlers, is just one of them bassline house/garage classics that will always get people moving. The track came from their ‘Lets Push It’ album also released in 95′ and is highly regarded as one of the best electronic dance music songs of all time.

Its seen a few remixes and samples since its original release in the mid 90’s, from white labels to the not so great ‘Hotel Room Service’ from Mr Worldwide himself, Pitbull. Any way the original track (kind of) is back just in time for the New Years celebrations with a Big Narstie collaboration. The Lambeth born MC adds an updated flavour to the classic track with rhymes like “Are you ready to survive Brexit” and “Hit the swag with a splash of Moschino” referencing the Italian brands connection to the 90s garage scene.