‘Walls are meant for climbing’ is the latest campaign with a political spin’ from The North Face.

The word ‘walls’ keeps coming up a lot in the media at the moment. Building walls to divide nations has been going on for centuries with the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 marking a new era of freedom and free love. Sadly walls are still used all over the world as physical barriers to ‘imaginary’ borders in Northern Ireland, Israel and of course the USA Mexico border. Why should people living on one side of the wall not be given the same opportunities as the people on the other side?

The reality is walls divide nations and spread hatred with the likes of Donald Trump making his feelings clear to immigration and ‘walls’ in his presidential election campaign. Should the President of the United States really be able to express personal opinions and mock other nations on social media? The Secret Service and the CIA must be twitching every time he posts something. But one thing that is for sure, there is a burgeoning anti-Trump vibe going around the world at the moment.

walls are meant for climbing

In response to the whole ‘wall’ issue, The North Face have introduced a tongue and cheek campaign, ‘Walls are meant for climbing’. Bringing together local climbers, awareness and the good old outdoors, the event kicked off in the UK with pro climbers; Alex Honnold, Hansjörg Auer and Jacopo Larcher. The campaign aims to unite people, not divide them through climbing with the grand opening of the new Castle Climbing Centre in London.

As part of the campaign the outdoors brand has also released an exclusive ‘Walls are meant for climbing’ T-Shirt, which is available now from thenorthface.com. You can also check out our feature looking at why poltical streetwear has become so big in recent years.