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Fabio Cavina Talks About The Plurimus NO_S05_1A Halo Jacket

Fabio Cavina
Plurimus NO_S05_1A Halo Jacket

“Like with all the other Plurimus garments, the Halo was produced in a limited edition of 99 individually numbered pieces.”

When I started working on the NO_S05_1A (which I have always informally referred to as the Halo Jacket), I wanted to do something special and go a little bit out of the comfort zone. I had what I considered a good design in mind and I have been looking for a special fabric for it.

The fabric used for the Halo is a two layer resin coated polyester canvas bonded with a polyester mesh, which makes it a three layer fabric, water and wind resistant and characterised by a high reflective index. A lot of things can go wrong when working with such a complex fabric. In fact, it is not possible to control the production process of such a fabric 100% as it has to be made in an artisan way and there are many different phases of the production cycle during which problems can arise.

Plurimus NO_S05_1A Halo Jacket

In addition to that, due to the peculiar fabric composition, the resin coating is likely to create a patina and small imperfections over time and use, this will make each single garment a unique piece but it also means that the fabric appearance will gradually mutate.

And yet, I immediately thought that it was too special a fabric to just pass on it and use a more “safe” fabric. Also, I thought it was the perfect fabric for the design of the Halo, a style I had been working on for a while and which includes 8 pockets (6 outer and 2 inner ones – I have always loved pockets), a removable reflective hood (which can be worn outside or inside the main hood) and a harness to carry the jacket as a backpack on warmer days.

Plurimus NO_S05_1A Halo Jacket

Like with all the other Plurimus garments, the Halo was produced in a limited edition of 99 individually numbered pieces (entirely made in Italy of course) and only sold through our website www.plurimus.it via pre-orders. Once again, the reaction was overwhelming.

Sometimes I am asked why I don’t make more pieces or start doing collections but I have always liked very limited objects. I have always thought that there is something special about owning something that is not accessible everywhere. Something which is not mass produced and does not go on “sales”. A while back I came across this statement in an article that stuck in my mind…

“The difference between a mass produced object and an artisan made product is based on the idea of owning a unique piece, a piece with a soul. Something that can be possessed by anyone has no soul, because its original soul is divided into a high number of identical objects”.

Fabio Cavina
Fabio Cavina

Fabio has a wealth of experience when it comes to the world of Italian technical outerwear and after various experiences with other brands, he now concentrates his time on his Plurimus project making one of a kind pieces.

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  1. Michel van Minkelen March 10, 2017

    Fabio made a master piece !


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