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The Police Are Now Seizing Sneakers Under The Proceeds Of Crime Act

Luke Taylor
police seizing sneakers

Police forces across the UK are now seizing sought after sneakers under the Proceeds of Crime Act to try and deter criminals.

When the police catch a high profile drug dealer for example, it is common place for them to seize their assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Luxury items likes Ferrari’s and prestigious property are usually the first things that come to your mind when you think of goods bought through illicit gains. However now the police have got a whiff of the sheer value in the sneaker resale market, they are now seizing the sought after sneaker collections of criminals across the nation.

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What once was a fancy Rolex could now well be the latest OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax trainer, a clear cut sign of how the sneaker resale market has grown in recent years. The idea is that it will deter criminals because who really wants their £1000 sneakers taken off them? However if you weren’t pedaling illegal drugs and ruining peoples lives to start with, then perhaps you would have nothing to worry about.

police seizing sneakers

Local constabularies like the Wiltshire Police Force have made it clear that they will confiscate your trainers if they need to, hitting teenagers as young as 16 where it hurts, their wardrobes. What is interesting is the fact sneaker collecting is a mere hobby to some, to others wearing the latest Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97 trainers is like a badge of honour and a sign your illegal activity is booming. Whatever your views are surely something that is classed as a commodity and carries a certain value, if the goods are bought through illicit gains, should be recoverable by the police. The question really is why shouldn’t the police be able to take them when others are struggling to put food on the table?

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor

Luke has lived and breathed the associated lifestyles & subcultures of RC for the last 20 years, as well as gaining a vast knowledge and a wealth of experience in the industry since 2006. His passion is really the techwear side of the spectrum, with brands like Stone Island & Acronym being among some of his personal favorites. Set up in 2013, his industry background & knowledge has seen RC go from strength to strength to become the digital magazine, platform & authority it is today.

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