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RC Magazine Vice Sports Feature

Vice Sports

RC’s Luke Taylor talks to Vice Sports about casual culture and why it is still relevant in football and fashion.

“The casual subculture was built around fashion in the beginning, with designer sportswear becoming a big thing to avoid police detection whilst the police were still looking for a Dr. Martens, skinhead type. As time progressed the term ‘casual snobbery’ evolved, kind of similar to the whole bling thing associated with rap. ‘My Stone Island jacket costs more than yours’ and such. The look now associated with casuals… I think it’s a way out of the weekday rut for everyday, working-class people – to get down the pub with your mates and your £500 jacket is a feelgood factor. It’s escapism if you like, to let off some steam. Who looks the best, who’s got the best gear on?”

Luke Taylor – RC Magazine

Full article here.