In his latest documentary, Professor Green explores the problems white working class men are currently facing in the UK.

Professor Green’s Working Class White Men documentary follows on with more ‘real life’ problems previously highlighted from the London rapper, from the ever growing homeless problem to the debate whether weed should be legalised in the UK. His latest thought provoking investigative piece looks to white working class Britain and the current problems they are dealing with. Also coming from a council estate background, Professor Green aka Stephen Manderson, delves into the world of 6 white working class men over 6 months and society’s perception. The 2 part documentary follows the likes of David who is dyslexic and lost both of his parents at 16, Gav from Leeds who has just served a 16 month prison sentence for cultivating cannabis and Jake who is looking for a brighter future in Japan.

Professor Green Working Class White Men

With the term ‘chav’ getting thrown around all too easily nowadays it’s easy for the more fortunate to look down on this particular demographic. Thrown a short straw from birth, some people are unfortunately brought into a world of drug abuse, crime and poverty with limited opportunities down the pipeline. From what was once seen as the grafters of the country are now afraid of their future with no real safety net in place as the gap between the wealthy elite and the poor grows ever wider. This is a story through the eyes of real working class white men in Britain today.

You can also check out Professor Green’s interview with Channel 4 here talking about the new series. Professor Green Working Class White Men starts on Tuesday 9th January 2018 on Channel 4.