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Yes It’s Finally Here – RC Apparel Drop 1

Luke Taylor
Guide to streetwear

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our very own brand, RC Apparel, and our very first drop for 2018.

Back in October 2017 we mentioned we were working on our very own apparel line. Well the good news is its finally happening. RC Apparel comes from the creators; Luke Taylor & Daniel Taylor (no relation), who first met whilst counting stock together in an over cramped store room of one of the UK’s leading independent chains. Their mutual passion for streetwear, sneakers and subculture led them to join forces with realclobber.com, of which Luke had just started from when he owned his own store. As the site grew it was decided that something needed to be done to celebrate RC’s 5th year anniversary, the fuse to launch RC Apparel was lit for a 2018 launch.

RC Apparel T-Shirt Drop 1

The focus around the first RC Apparel drop was keeping things simple. We have used the signature RC box logo across a range of streetwear staples including T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweats. Clean no fuss staples in an assortment of colourways you can wear whatever the weather.

RC Apparel drop 1 will be launching from the RC Shop this coming Thursday 8th February 2018 from 9AM.

RC Apparel Hoody Drop 1

RC Apparel Sweatshirt Drop 1

RC Apparel T-Shirt Drop 1

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor

Luke has lived and breathed the associated lifestyles & subcultures of RC for the last 20 years, as well as gaining a vast knowledge and a wealth of experience in the industry since 2006. His passion is really the techwear side of the spectrum, with brands like Stone Island & Acronym being among some of his personal favorites. Set up in 2013, his industry background & knowledge has seen RC go from strength to strength to become the digital magazine, platform & authority it is today.

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