This months podcast celebrates a selection of classics and the launch of the RC Apparel line.

From the the start of the electronic music revolution in the early 80’s and the original Chicago sounds of the late 80’s, each track has been carefully hand selected for this months podcast. The launch of our own apparel line is a celebration of everything we stand for at RC, as well as all the subcultures we have being involved with over the last 20 years. Growing up in a post rave generation of bassline, garage and house, boxing clubs, non league football and the graffiti scene. It can certainly be a bit grim up North’, (that’s the North of England for our non-UK readers) but music has played a fundamental part in where we’re at today. Real life can be a constant struggle, some times can be dark, some times can be bright, but regardless of where you’re at mentally, music can always make you feel good and this selection of tracks is sure to bring back some great memories. The future is looking good, we hope it is for you too.


Tracks from; Patti Day, Inner City, Cartouce, Raze, Kraze, A Guy Called Gerald, Housemaster Boyz, New Order, JK & Candi Station.