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RC x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Madchester’ Trainer

Luke Taylor
RC x Nike Air Max 1 'Madchester'

We put together some of our own design inspirations for a Nike Air Max collaboration, our Air Max 1 ‘Madchester’ trainer celebrates an era of drum machines and dubs.

They say if you want something to happen then you have got to do it yourself, which is exactly what we did with this Nike Air Max 1 trainer. Although this is by no means anything official at this stage we still wanted to show the world the RC x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Madchester’ trainer. In the late 80s and early 90s inner city Manchester gave birth to a new generation of sportswear, with tracksuits and trainers becoming a key look of the era. Although some may now call this ‘scally’, the irony is when we talk about Nike Air Max and London it’s a completely different outlook.

People in the Hacienda may have worn baggy jeans and tie dye t-shirts but on the streets a new style was in town, the Air Max 1, dropping in 1987 when the ‘Madchester’ scene was just starting to get going. With the rise of gun and gang culture in Greater Manchester as different gangs looked to muscle in on the burgeoning rave scene, a new look had been born. The Madhcester scene wasn’t just about getting ‘loved up’ and twisting melons, it also had an inner city urban side with influences from 80s hip hop and electro which also saw the rise of jungle music, break beat and drum ‘n’ bass.

If you would like to see the RC x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Madchester’ trainer become a reality, be sure to shout about it and give this article a share! Thanks!

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor

Luke has lived and breathed the associated lifestyles & subcultures of RC for the last 20 years, as well as gaining a vast knowledge and a wealth of experience in the industry since 2006. His passion is really the techwear side of the spectrum, with brands like Stone Island & Acronym being among some of his personal favorites. Set up in 2013, his industry background & knowledge has seen RC go from strength to strength to become the digital magazine, platform & authority it is today.

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