Reasons Why You Should Get Hot Water Systems – Things to Consider

Reasons Why You Should Get Hot Water Systems – Things to Consider

From therapeutic benefits to energy-saving technology, the hot water systems are nowadays indispensable in any household throughout the year. Using or drinking hot water is not only limited to winter as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and various health issues urge you to make use of hot water regardless of seasons.

There are different types of water heaters namely solar heaters and gas heaters that reduce carbon footprint.  You may use electric heaters as well as tankless heaters with small units also.

Advantages of Installing Hot Water Systems

The hot water systems will serve you for years and even when they start leaking or malfunctioning, certain maintenance or repair gets them running normally again. Here are the common advantages –

  • Sanitized fresh water: As precaution from various diseases, you need clean and fresh water from the heater. Instant heaters do not support growth of microorganisms and you can be assured of consuming water that is devoid of rust and other sediments.
  • Time-saving: No matter the number of bathtubs you need to fill up or the number of dishes you need to wash, water will be heated up in a few seconds. The instant heating system removes this hassle as here water is warm as long as you switch on the system and it takes seconds to heat up.
  • Unlimited hot water supply: Unlike manual heating, the instant heating systems will simultaneously heat up water as it passes through. There is no limit for the water supply for heating in the instant heaters while in traditional tank heaters you are allowed to heat up a certain amount of water. Just turn the knob of hot water systems and you are on.
  • Easy to install: Regardless it is a solar heater or an electric one, the installation is straightforward and any professional can do it with a hundred percent accuracy. The majority of heating units are set up within 15-30 minutes according to the room temperature to keep the water temperature consistent.
  • Cost-efficient: Tankless heating systems are costlier than a traditional system, but judging by its longevity for a lifetime, you will find it the most cost-efficient. While the system is not in use, you do not have to worry about hiking the electric bill.
  • Energy-saving: The hot water systems, especially the instant heaters can heat up within seconds while other heaters also heat water very fast unlike manual heating. The heated water passed through the heater per minute is ample and an instant heater will save you additional 30-50% energy.
  • Convenient usage: Without any header tank or storage and zero emission from electric boilers, the heating systems are convenient for nature. You can accommodate them even in the smallest spaces of the house and mount on the wall to save floor space.
  • Long-lasting: The traditional heating systems will serve you up to 12 years while the instant systems run for up to 15 years. If maintained properly, the heating system will not bug you within two decades. Without pipes and moving parts, these hot water systems are also easy to repair and maintain. 

Factors to Consider While Installing Hot Water Systems

Before choosing any of the hot water systems, you should make thorough research and consider the following: –

  • Choose the size of the system according to the number of people in the house using hot water.
  • Without availability of north-facing roof space and adequate solar energy, solar heating systems are not suitable.
  • Large systems may not work for a confined or small space.
  • Your affordability of energy bill and the standard energy cost for your locality should decide the type of system you buy.
  • Take local climate and availability of energy sources into consideration. 

Be it having a hot shower after the day’s work or washing dishes in winter, making coffee in the morning or supplying water in the washing machine –you need hot water frequently in your lifestyle. Get the hot water systems according to your requirement and budget; you will be happy with your decision.

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