Synthmania shows us how to make a classic house track with the famous Roland TR-909 drum machine.

The Roland TR-909 drum machine was the instrument and sampler of choice for the original Chicago House producers. The machine allowed them to create that classic house sound using claps, loops, drum beats, samples and high hats we all now associate with it. Trax records with Mr Fingers, Inner City with Good Life, A Guy Called Gerald, 808 State and Daft Punk have all worked their magic on the trusty drum beat machine.

Its unique sound and aesthetics scream classic house music, and without the use of this great little bit of kit would classic house be the same as we know it today? Daft Punk even auctioned off their Roland TR-909 due to the whole nostalgia surrounding it. Roland also announced last year that September 9th 2016 would be the official 909 day, marking 30 days since its original release in 1986. As DJ’ing and mixing kit has rapidly advanced since the mid 19880’s, the TR-909 is just as respected now as it was 30 years ago.

a guy called gerald Roland TR-909 Drum Machine

A Guy Called Gerald using a variety of Roland Drum Machines

Synthmania is a YouTube channel that you could say knows a thing or two about drum machines, synthesizers and anything electronic. From showing us how to create the drum pattern for New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ to the latest techno beats, his channel certainly got our attention. In this featured video, Synthmania shows us how to make some original classic piano house and techno sounds using the trusty Roland TR-909 Drum Machine as well as the Roland TR-727.