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Get Inside The Mind Of Kanye West With Searching For Kanye

Adam Davies
searching for kanye west

Ben Zand tries to explore the mind of Kanye West with this latest BBC documentary, Searching For Kanye.

In the mid 2000s, there was no better rapper than Kanye West. There was nobody cooler, more popular, more connected with their lyrics. Fast forward to 2018 and Kanye has become someone nobody ever had imagined him becoming. Even though he has had an incredibly successful 2018, working on some massive songs and albums, his often vociferous support for current US president Donald Trump has drawn criticism from a lot of people at a time when racial tensions seem to be at the highest level for decades. Kanye’s recent mental health concerns have sparked a debate among music fans and the wider public about what makes him tick.

Filmmaker Ben Zand, in a new documentary on BBC Three tries to explore the mind of the man himself and what has driven him from an early age into the global megastar that he is today. The documentary, titled Searching for Kanye gets up close and personal with some of Kanye’s best friends and people who were crucial to him during his formative years in his native city of Chicago. The film explores many themes, including the death of his mother, Donda, who was credited with pushing her son to be the best he could be and encouraged his musical side from day one. Interviewees in the documentary include former managers as well as other rappers who west counts among his friends and acquaintances.

searching for Kanye West

Now married to reality TV royalty Kim Kardashian, the spotlight is more on Kanye than ever. However, it is his recent political bearings which have caused the most amount of publicity. Kanye has voiced his public support for Donald Trump on a number of occasions, even meeting the president in the White House. There has been a lot of criticism about the support of Trump by West by people who are appalled by the presidents views and the perception that he is a fundamental, ignorant racist.

On the flip side, many people have praised Kanye for not forgetting his roots as he has recently said he wants Chicago to share in the success of his YEEZY clothing brand which is worth over $1 Billion as of today by having a factory in the city which could provide jobs for a lot of people should this idea be fully realised. Although nothing has been officially announced at this stage there are currently jobs listed via Streetwear Jobs for YEEZY Chicago roles such as Footwear Knit Programmer and Senior Manager Prototyping.

searching for Kanye West

West has also been praised for his tackling of his own mental health issues, revealing he has bi polar disorder and stating that the support needs to be there for everyone who suffers from all different forms of mental illnesses.

If you watch the documentary, it seems like there are more questions than answers about what makes Kanye West tick and he comes across as an extremely complex individual who can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight, unlike his long time friend and collaborator Jay Z who cherishes his privacy along with his wife Beyonce. Whatever you think of West and his often outspoken views, you can’t ignore what he has achieved in the music industry and will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest of his generation.

Searching for Kanye is available now via the BBC Three iPlayer.

Adam Davies
Adam Davies

Adam is an International Journalism graduate from Liverpool. He is extremely passionate about clothing and some of his favourite brands around at the moment include Maison Margiela, Norse Projects, Acne and Kenzo. He is a big fan of casual streetwear as well as clothing that is slightly out of the ordinary or unique. He lives and breathes Everton Football Club. Other interests include playing Darts as well as golf and travelling.

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