How to Setup PVR IPTV Simple Client on Kodi

Kodi rise among consumers comes down to one thing – addons. Without it, Kodi is just another media player software application. But enough about this. I am here to talk about how to set up the PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on. Instead of just guiding you about the installation process, I think it is necessary to tell you about what this addon does. The reason is that you might have heard various things about it – some true and others nowhere close to the truth. So, let me start.

What is the PVR IPTV Simple Client Add-on?

In the simplest of terms, this is a Kodi add-on that allows the application to receive IPTV Live TV, Radio channels, and EPG. Still confused? Well, there is no cause for alarm. I will further break down this explanation. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. With this add-on, the television services are delivered through the internet instead of the usual satellite/cable channels. In short, you can view live TV on Kodi with this add-on.

However, it is not as simple the way it seems. You need to first setup this add-on for it to work properly. Otherwise, it is just an add-on that does nothing. But first let us install this add-on.

Install PVR IPTV Simple Client Add-on

Step 1: Open the Kodi Application

Step 2: Tap on Add-ons

Step 3: Tap on this icon add-on browser icon

Step 4: Tap on ‘Install from Repository’

Step 5: Tap on the Kodi Add-on Repository

Step 6: Select PVR Clients

Step 7: Tap on PVR IPTV Simple Client

Step 8: Install

Wait a little bit. After a short bit, you will see the usual add-on installed message. Will you be able to watch live TV? The answer is a straight now. You still need to configure the add-on before you can start using it.

Setup the PVR IPTV Simple Client on Kodi

Now, there are two ways of installing this add-on – remote path & local path. Both are quite easy. I will show you how to setup the add-on through both methods.

Method 1 # Remote Path

Step 1: Tap on the PVR IPTV Simple Client

Step 2: Select ‘Configure’

Step 3: In this step, you need to Change Location to Remote Path

Step 4: Tap on the M3U Play List URL

Step 5: Enter the URL of the M3U Playlist you wish to load

Step 6: Tap ‘OK’

Step 7: Tap ‘OK’ in PVR IPTV Simple Client Menu

Step 8: Restart Kodi

Step 9: After a while you will see a message which states that all the channels were loaded

Step 10: Tap on TV

Method 2 # Local Path

The first two steps are similar to the Remote Path. After completing them, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on Change Location to Path (include Local Network)

Step 2: Tap on the M3U Play List URL

Step 3: Select the M3U file that you wish to load

Step 4: Tap ‘OK’

Step 5: In the PVR IPTV Simple Client settings menu, tap on ‘OK’

Step 6: Restart Kodi & Tap TV once Kodi is fully restarted

Wrap Up

This concludes our article today. By carefully following the above steps, you can watch live TV. Whether it is legal or illegal is not for us to decide. It is better to opt for a VPN while using Kodi to avoid any legal issues. Lastly, for those of you who are unaware of what the M3U file is, it is just is a file format for defining multimedia playlists. The file contains the locations of different media files.