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Should Weed Be Legalised in The UK?

Luke Taylor
should weed be legalised in the uk

Whether you just simply want to get high or take medical marijuana for an illness, should cannabis be fully legalised in the UK?

Its has been a growing topic for a number of years, should weed be legalised in the UK? There are huge arguments on both sides with pros and cons to both sides, however should drugs be really made legal to buy and sell. Alcohol is a drug and beside 1920’s prohibition in America it is readily available from our local stores, supermarkets and online shopping. What if you could go online and order an ounce of ‘Pink Kush’ with no worries about committing a crime or picking up a quarter from your local ‘weed’ store. Is legalising a drug really a good thing or does it just come down to one thing, money.

Since recreational use of cannabis was legalised in 2016, California is now estimated to make a whopping $1 billion annual tax from sales of the drug. That’s $1 billion more that can be now used to fund community projects, healthcare, local enforcement and the local economy in general. If California could find a way to tax harder drugs like cocaine would they also do that? The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) allows users to posses up to one ounce of weed as well as the cultivation of 6 plants with a 15% excise tax on the retail sales of the crop.

should weed be legalised in the uk

Then we come on to another pressing subject surrounding the whole, should weed be legalised in the UK , argument about the drug, the health issues associated with it. Going back to the 1960’s when we had the Vietnam war, the whole hippy movement and body paint, weed was weak. It wasn’t really grown on an industrial scale with the latest HPS light systems and hydroponics technology. The levels of THC, (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical that gets you high, have now dramatically increased in the drug over the last 10 years. You only need to be a regular smoker or take a weekend break to Amsterdam to witness this. Everyday weed smokers will always fight for legalisation, it makes them more creative, and more relaxed and most of all high. On the other hand it makes you lazy, it gives you short term memory loss and not to mention the effects on your lungs from inhalation.  It can also make you extremely paranoid and a nervous wreck when it comes to important social situations.

should weed be legalised in the uk

You have probably noticed that the world is sadly run on money, corruption, power and lies. Big corporations will start selling farm loads of cannabis soon in the USA getting listed on the ‘Dow Jones’ at the same time. If it makes money, it makes money. Oil makes money, wars make money and invading countries makes money. Cannabis is slowly becoming a legal commodity like coffee, sugar, or gold. Just because something makes money doesn’t necessarily mean its good.

So, should weed be legalised in the UK? The NHS could certainly do with a massive financial boost, our local councils, the so called Northern Powerhouse which will be put off for another 5-10 years, the ever growing homeless problem and people trying to make a living on the minimum wage. Weed is not really the answer to changing our economy, its a complete system change that doesn’t just benefit the super rich. Weed is merely another commodity to make them even richer.

You can find out more information about Cannabis Law Reform as well as the current campaigns at clear-uk.org, one of the UK’s largest membership-based cannabis policy group.

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor

Luke has lived and breathed the associated lifestyles & subcultures of RC for the last 20 years, as well as gaining a vast knowledge and a wealth of experience in the industry since 2006. His passion is really the techwear side of the spectrum, with brands like Stone Island & Acronym being among some of his personal favorites. Set up in 2013, his industry background & knowledge has seen RC go from strength to strength to become the digital magazine, platform & authority it is today.

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