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We Talk Sneakers With Sneakerness Founder, Sergio Muster

Luke Taylor
Sergio Muster Sneakerness

We caught up with up Sergio Muster, one of the founders of the world renowned sneaker event, Sneakerness.

Following on from the recent news that Sneakerness is coming to London for July 2018, we caught up with Sneakerness founder and managing director, Sergio Muster, for a little chat. Set up 10 years ago now, Sergio was one of the founding members of Sneakerness which now boasts shows all over Europe with an ever growing following of sneaker heads and visitors.

Sergio Muster Sneakerness

“We are running about ten shows all over Europe in different countries meaning different languages, ethics and and local influences.”

Sergio Muster, Sneakerness

Sergio Muster Sneakerness crowds

So first of all tell us in a bit more detail how the whole Sneakerness journey started?

Sneakerness started in early 2008. As my sneaker collection got bigger and bigger and met some people with this similar passion for sneakers, I thought why not organise a kind of get together? The more I spoke to people and did some research, the thing became more of a convention. 27th September 2008, Diana, Lukas, Nik and I started this journey called Sneakerness in Bern, Switzerland with around 1000 visitors. 10 years later, we are one of the most recognized sneaker events in the world.


Why did you guys decide London should be on the Sneakerness radar and tell us more about what we can expect from the event itself?

London is a multinational city with a great flair, vibe and individuality. We have wanted to organise Sneakerness in London for a long time but the timing never felt right. Now it is. As we spoke to our main partners about our plan, they were all excited to take part which was important to us and gave us a good feeling.

We will have some well known resellers here too, Crep Protect – with its famous cleaning station, Stance will be at Printworks with their sock machine, the Swatch booth will be showcasing art from Tyrsamisu and Foot Locker will have some iconic Air Max TNs on display. And there will also be some great food! And yeah, England will play against Sweden and we will show the game. We are ready for a great weekend!


How do you think the sneaker game has changed in the last few years and how has this affected the Sneakerness brand?

Back in the day, it was more about sneakers and sneakers only. I was listening to Hip Hop / Rap and for sure, was wearing some Air Force 1s. Then I was influenced by Paris wearing some Air Max TN +. For me, it was always the thing to own as much of the colour ways in the same model. Nowadays everything is much faster; you have a hype going on for around one or two years and then the next thing is coming. It’s also more important to have a full matching outfit than owning various pairs of the same model.

Sergio Muster Sneakerness overkill

Obviously months of planning goes into each event, what do you find the most challenging parts?

The timing and communication. We are running about ten shows all over Europe in different countries meaning different languages, ethics and and local influences. Our team is also working from different cities which doesn’t make it easier.


What can we expect from Sneakerness over the next 5 years?

It’s hard to say, because like I mentioned above, our business is a fast developing one. It’s hard to have a 5 year plan in place because we always need to adapt and adjust our strategy. Our main aim is to offer our community more of the Sneakerness experience, showing the sneaker in all aspects of its culture (whether it’s music, art, sport, fashion). The secondary goal is to expand geographically, I still have the dream to organise a show in Asia.


Favourite 5 sneakers of 2018 so far and why?

Jordan 4 x Levis Blue Denim: Two iconic brands, great quality.

Nike Air Max 98 OG CW: Reminds me owning the OG back then.

Puma Thunder Spectra: In my opinion the best ‘dad shoe’.

Adidas HMR Holi Festival (Pink Glow): Great color way. Never can go wrong with pink sneakers.

SNS x adidas Consortium 4D: I like the colourway and for sure the 4D sole.

Sergio Muster Sneakerness

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor

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