From Supreme Chopsticks to Supreme Travel Cards, we take a look at some of our favourite Supreme accessories of 2017.

2017 has arguably been one of the biggest years for the New York streetwear brand Supreme. What started out as a small independent skate store in NYC has now become one of the most successful and talked about brands on the planet. The Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration has revolutionized the streetwear industry with more similar type partnerships to be expected for 2018. Alongside the apparel and sought after collaborations, the range of Supreme accessories has become just as important to the streetwear label as anything else. We take a look at our top Supreme accessories of 2017 from the weird and wonderful to new concepts that are sure to always get people talking.

Supreme Money Gun

Above: The Supreme x Cash Cannon Money Gun was the first of its kind for a financial firearm.

supreme chopsticks 2

Above: The Supreme Chopsticks have allowed streetwear fans to enjoy their favourite Asian dishes courtesy of the NYC label.

Supreme x coleman mini bike

Above: The Supreme x Coleman Mini Bike set a new level of where Supreme accessories could go into motor and mobility form.

supreme metrocard

Above: The Supreme MetroCard caused havoc in NYC subway stations as Supreme fans tried to get their hands on the sought after travel card.

supreme x fender stratocaster

Above: The Supreme x Fender Stratocaster guitar took a very clean, all white, approach to one of the most celebrated electric guitars of all time.

Supreme Saki Set

Above: The Supreme Saki set followed in line with the Asian food and drink theme putting their stamp on the traditional Japanese rice wine.