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5 Techwear Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Sean Coutts
Techwear brands Krakatau

We explore the world of techwear brands, highlighting our top 5 that you should know about.

For those of you unaware of the evolutionary term – ‘techwear’ this is the place to begin. Techwear takes on a modern approach to performance apparel and is very distinct from any other styles such as traditional streetwear. Nonetheless, it does incorporate certain elements of streetwear with a greater focus on functionality, and the use of advanced textiles per se which promote features such as breathability, water resistance, stretch, etc.

There are many excellent examples of brands that pursue ‘techwear’ ideals – Stone Island, Acronym, NikeLab ACG and many of us may already be familiar with them. However, there are also many other techwear brands that are in the rise, and are worth keeping an eye on.

krakatau techwear


Krakatau is based in St. Petersburg and claims to provide an ‘Antagonist Survival Guide’. And what may be a mix of irony and authenticity sets out to prove what the brands ideals are all about. Krakatau’s pieces have a great focus on detail and contain certain aspects that are true of techwear. Hand pockets with double flaps, deep hoods with double adjusting system, inner collars, cold protection to -20 degrees are some examples of the features which are incorporated into Krakatau’s apparel. Their apparel includes everything from t-shirts to outwear.

nanamica autumn/winter 2016


Nanamica is a Japanese based brand and provides a very dynamic approach to techwear. They combine certain elements of Japanese streetwear without leaving the focus on functionality. Their AW17 campaign – ‘One Ocean, One Land’ aims towards a more stylish approach to techwear but still using materials such as Polartech Alpha, Kodenshi Ceramics and Alphadry Fabrics.

isaora techwear brands


Isaora are a New York based brand which provides a greater technical approach to their clothing and apparel. Their basic tees all have an incorporated Merino Wool base system which helps in maintaining an ideal body temperature whether it be that you’re doing sports, or sitting on a couch. Similarly, their outwear contains different wool-blends and goose down feathers that help withstand the cold. Their apparel seems very effective when it comes to living in cold environments simply because of the extensive materials that they use for their production.

Arc’teryx Veilance

Arc’teryx Veilance

Arc’teryx Veilance is a Canadian based brand that has a more formal and elegant approach to its style of techwear. Nonetheless, the formality is not limited by the functionality or vice versa. Instead, the formality brings an interesting blend for those who seek a hybrid between techwear and elegance. Arc’teryx Veilance incorporate many elements in their apparel – for example with the Versatile 3-in-1 Patrol Down Coat where we see: Coreloft Pro, a form of insulation developed by Arc’teryx being used.

boneville jacket techwear brands


Boneville is a UK based brand that combines techwear and casualwear, launched by Massimo Osti in 1981. Now part of the sister brand to fellow Osti inspiration brand, MA.STRUM, their speciality comes in their fibre which they use in some of their pieces to allow shape retention and provide a silk finish. Similarly, many of their outwear has a polyurethane coating which is highly water resistant. Their pieces range from t-shirts to outwear and propose a very casual driven look.

Sean Coutts
Sean Coutts

Sean has been working in the streetwear industry for the past couple of years gaining knowledge and experience within a set of diverse roles. Working with brands from the UK and abroad involved with the design and creative process. Globalisation has played a vital role in his personal development having lived in the USA, Peru and the UK.

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