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Here’s Some Of Our Favourite Theresa May Street Art Pieces

Adam Davies

We take a look at some of the best Theresa May street art since the ‘official’ leader of Brexit came to power.

World politics is arguably at its most interesting for a number of years, with new challenges being faced every single day by its leaders. In an age of social media and technology where people can express their dissatisfaction with their governments, there seems to be a resurgence of something a little bit more old school….art, in particular political street art,

Street art has long been a novel way of getting political points across or making presidents and prime ministers looking a little foolish and in the past couple of years there has definitely been a significant rise in the amount of street art we’re seeing on our buildings, bus stops and brickwork. Some of the best (and most unflattering!) street art in recent times has come since Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States. Trumps continuous high profile gaffes and alarming rhetoric has made him a figure of ridicule for street artists both at home and abroad. Other political figures have also copped for some flak street art style including Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson as well as our very own prime minister, Theresa May.

Theresa May Street Art

If you think Trumps street art is unflattering, the Theresa May street art isn’t exactly a gushing homage to her time as prime minister. Theresa May has been through several crises since she took over from David Cameron and has been often accused of being weak, undermined by ministers and lacking a proper mandate to govern. She has been portrayed as Cruella Deville, the Joker, Mr Burns and Adolf hitler among others. As well as this, her apparent sucking up to Donald Trump during the early stages of his presidency has not gone down well with the ‘special relationship’ coming under fire. Her association with Trump is probably featured in the most critical of street art of which there are several examples, most notably the streets artist, Bambi’s take on the film La La land in which May and Trump dance around the words ‘Lie Lie Land’ and the special relationship mural in which May is, quite alarmingly, seen spanking Trump.

Theresa May Street Art

Street art is still one of the best ways to make political points as it can be done anonymously with artists able to use their full creative repertoire to get their news across. With politics and relationships between world leaders becoming increasingly complicated, it will be no surprise to see more and more of this type of street art in the future. You can also check out our previous feature exploring the obsession with Donald Trump and street art.

Theresa May Street Art

Adam Davies
Adam Davies

Adam is an International Journalism graduate from Liverpool. He is extremely passionate about clothing and some of his favourite brands around at the moment include Maison Margiela, Norse Projects, Acne and Kenzo. He is a big fan of casual streetwear as well as clothing that is slightly out of the ordinary or unique. He lives and breathes Everton Football Club. Other interests include playing Darts as well as golf and travelling.

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