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Youths Are Now Train Surfing The Metrolink in Manchester

Luke Taylor
train surfing manchester

A new craze of train surfing trams in Manchester has started with youths reviving the dangerous past time in the city centre.

Train surfing has long been associated with youth subculture since the 1980s when reports first started to surface of teenagers starting the craze in Brazil. Kind of like an extreme sport to some, thrill seekers would look to surf a train by standing on top of a moving train travelling at dangerously high speeds. The craze soon spread to the rest of the world with the rise of S-Bahn surfing & graffiti culture in Berlin throughout the 90s alongside tram surfing in Russia. With the rise of YouTube and social media over the last 10 years, the craze started to re-surface in places like Moscow, Melbourne, London & New York City.

train surfing manchester

The train surfing craze has now come to Manchester with reports of youths surfing the cities Metrolink tram system. Running all the way throughout Greater Manchester the Metrolink is the cities equivalent to the London underground, although with nowhere near the same investment, connecting the likes of Rochdale and Trafford to Victoria. Over the last few days recent photos have emerged of youths reviving the train surfing craze now in the North West of England. Just like before the aim of the game is to hitch a lift on the tram and get a picture of yourself in the act to share on social media.

Image Credits: Manchester Evening News

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor

Luke has lived and breathed the associated lifestyles & subcultures of RC for the last 20 years, as well as gaining a vast knowledge and a wealth of experience in the industry since 2006. His passion is really the techwear side of the spectrum, with brands like Stone Island & Acronym being among some of his personal favorites. Set up in 2013, his industry background & knowledge has seen RC go from strength to strength to become the digital magazine, platform & authority it is today.

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