The Bristol born trip hop artist and ex Massive Attack member is back with his latest album ‘ununiform’.

Bristol gave birth to a thriving street and music culture in the late 1980’s thanks to influences from the original B-Boys of the Bronx. From their own take on street art to the rise of artists like Banksy, the West Country City also gave birth to new musical genres such as trip hop in the early 90’s. Artists like Tricky have been involved in the scene since its very beginning from his time in Massive Attack to his solo career which has seen him collaborate with the likes of Beyonce, Chuck D, PJ Harvey, Mos Def and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Now residing in Berlin, also known for its street and hip hop culture, Tricky has released his 13th album to date titled ‘ununiform’. With tracks like ‘When We Die’ which explores the reality of life and a video from Jenny Marie Baldoz featuring ‘real’ New Yorkers. Tricky has stated the track takes inspiration from his time in Berlin where he has been able to reminisce on his life so far from family issues to finding self peace.

“If you don’t accept death you don’t really accept life”