Upfront drops another track from his up and coming solo album ‘Lettermorphosis’.

Splitprophets are a Bristol based UK hip hop collective consisting of Res One and Upfront. 2016 saw Res One teaming up with Mistafire on a new project with ‘Dutch Mob’ who have released tracks such as ‘One Take’, ‘Clouded Thoughts’ and ‘Bin Juice’ over the last 12 months. Upfront has also embarked on a new project with a solo album titled ‘Lettermorphosis’. Although the UK rapper has worked on tracks on his own previously this will be his first official ‘solo’ venture.

The track ‘Ugaly’ featuring Aisha’mae marks Upfront’s 3rd releases after previously dropping ‘Contagious’ and ‘Why They Hate’ last month. The track was produced by Chris Lucas and is available on a limited edition 7″ vinyl.

You can pre-order the Upfront solo album ‘Lettermorhosis’ from splitprophets.bandcamp.com now.