6 Ways to Increase your Home’s value

ways to improve home value

Owning a home is an investment that will last a lifetime. In addition, if you are interested in selling your home, you must make sure it meets buyer expectations in the market. Therefore, your curb appeal and interior design will attract prospective buyers when you decide to sell.

The following article shows you how to increase the market value of your home in six easy steps. You must take these steps to stay on top of a very competitive market.

1. Increase square footage usable

If you’re in an area with limited available real estate where land and space are scarce, adding more usable space to your home can make a lot of financial sense.

It can also be a good idea to construct a separate mother-in-law suite, according to Ross, noting that “most houses do not have this feature, which makes it easier for you to stand out from the competition when it’s time to sell.”

2. Get your home organized, clean, and decluttered

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home this year, you may change your mind in the future. So, declutter every room of your house, including your basement and garage, and keep it organized and clean. Even if your home is clean and tidy, consider decluttering.

You should create a deep cleaning checklist if you want to take your time. Make a deep cleaning schedule and clean each room one by one. As soon as you’re done, begin the decluttering process. You can also use various tools for cleaning like carpet cleaner, stove cleaner, and best steamer for bed bugs to clean your home.

3. Applying fresh paint to a home can increase its value

When it comes to decorating our homes, many of us like to add splashes of color to the walls and ceilings. However, this may reduce the value of the house. It might be a good idea to tone down bold colors on your walls. As well as doing it yourself, you can affordably repaint your home.

As well as removing decorative wallpaper, you should remove any other wall coverings in your home. Many people love wallcoverings, but buyers may not. You can easily increase the market value of your home by painting it a fresh coat of paint.

4. Update the look of your kitchen

Often, buyers are drawn to a home’s kitchen as its defining feature, so if yours is outdated, it can negatively impact its sale value. As a result, if you can’t fully utilize your kitchen because of the layout, space, or other issues, you won’t be maximizing it.

You can still make a lot of improvements to your home’s value with a minor remodel, such as coordinating appliances and installing modern hardware on your cabinets. 

5. Make your home smarter with technology

High tech is all around us these days, and it is reflected in our homes as well. However, you must realize that even if you add expensive add-ons like an audio-visual system and a home theater, the expense can be too much for our budgets.

In place of traditional thermostats, you can opt for programmable thermostats and smart garage door openers. A smart outdoor flood light system might also be included, as well as a high-tech security system. It is appealing to everyone, but especially to millennials, to add these smart devices to your home. They also tend to pay up to three to five percent more for a house with smart features.

6. Staging your home

Home staging can boost the value of your home if you want to list it for sale. Real Estate Staging Association statistics indicate that 85 percent of staged homes sell within 23 days and for 5 percent to 23 percent over their list prices. 

Final Thoughts

The suggestions above can help increase the value of your home without a doubt. Always go for reputable home blogs like Spadone Home for home improvement ideas and home products. Remember, improving and updating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Investing in your home is like putting money into the bank. The house you live in is your nest egg, so it is important to think about its future as well.

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