Why Should You Cycle for Better Health?

cycling benefits
There are many health benefits to bicycling that help out our body as well as your mind. Your cardiovascular health will thank you for cycling often. Cycling Shops like Nomad Frontiers can provide you the gear necessary to enjoy your first time on a bike. Biking is one of the best ways to exercise, as it is low impact and fulfills the need for speed. Biking burns calories without damaging your body like running with poor form will do. Cycling can be a great sport that gives you fitness as well as community.

What if you were starting out but not sure which bike is best for you? 

A few popular choices are:

(1) DEPARTMENT STORE BIKE: entry-level, beginner-friendly bike. It’s not going to handle hills that well but that also means it’s great for the beginner just trying out the sport

(2) USED BIKE: super beginner-friendly, it’s not going to handle hills that well but offers a more beginner-friendly experience.

(3) ROAD BIKE: If you are a bit more certain about cycling as a hobby, consider a road bike as an investment in your health.

Biking Creates Great Memories

Biking can instill more confidence as you learn how to control your speed on the bike as well as take memorable and scenic rides. Your muscles will thank you for utilizing your lower body and balance to carve the streets and trails. On hills, preventing fatigue can be crucial to maintaining a healthy endurance. And, your lungs will thank you for breathing while cycling too.

Biking Gets you outside the Gym and into Nature

Exposure to nature increases your sense of self-awareness, improves self-esteem, and fosters a greater appreciation and belonging to the outdoors and outdoorsy lifestyle. With that in mind, here’s a plan for you: Find a park or trail that is roughly 50 percent nature and 50 percent walking/riding paths. (Check with the park for specific regulations affecting which activities are allowed.) Choose a 1-2-hour bike ride that gives you time to get a feel for your bike and endurance levels.
Take your time in the beginning and gradually increase the number of times you pedal per hour (don’t always pedal the same difficulty throughout the entire trip) as your fitness gains improve. Gradually, you can increase the distance and/speed of your pedaling on these hills without going too fast for the skills of your pedal muscles or the endurance of your body.

Biking is low impact

Biking is low-impact, steady and helps you burn more calories. You’ll also protect your brain from dementia. While you may not feel like you have much control over your bicycle, control handles the key. Essentially, it’s like having a steering wheel in your hands. As you ride, your body will compensate, leaning toward your stronger leg or foot. As you build up your endurance on longer rides, your muscle imbalances will reduce. 
That being said, the harder you ride, the longer you may have to recover. Here’s how to maximize your injury prevention with the bicycle (so you can maintain your health and come back stronger next time). 

Remember to Warm Up Before Biking

Warming up properly prepares your body for exercise. You don’t want your muscles to be stiff and rigid when you’re not going to use them. Your muscles are warm when they’re shortening and contracting. It’s best to foam roll (or stretch) before you exercise. In your warmup, stretch the muscle group you’ll be exercising.
 A commonly used warmup is walking lunges. Do 10–15 reps of walking lunges with good form, concentrating on each rep. Perform one set of 10–15 reps, warm up and perform sets of 10–15 reps of each exercise. Different muscle groups will benefit from different types of stretches, so choose a workout that feels good. 
Another great warmup is side planks. Do 10–15 reps on each side, concentrating on each rep. Make sure to keep your body stable in the bottom position. This will help you prevent knee pain while you progress through side planks. 

Bicycling is Fun!

A major thing to remember is cyclists are passionate about their sport and are happy to share. Reach out to your friends and family and see if anyone would like to go for rides. Connect with others in your community for group rides and make friends while you get fit!

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