The UK electronic producer, Zomby, drops his latest track ‘GASP!’ on Big Dada Records.

If you have followed Zomby since he first came on the scene in the late noughties you will know of his love for the original rave scene. His sound draws inspiration from the early 90’s warehouse sound to modern dub and the early grime scene. Notable albums have included the likes of ‘Where were you in 92?’, ‘Dedication’ and ‘Ultra’ released last year. His latest track ‘GASP!’ comes courtesy of Big Dada Records and features an array of hard industrial sounds and reverberations slowing down to a halt at the end of the track. ‘GASP!’ wouldn’t sound out of place in a dark lit basement techno club somewhere in Berlin at 5am in the morning.

‘GASP!’ will be released on 8th September 2017 on Big Dada Records.