How to Pass the PMP Exam Smoothly?

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The PMP exam is really a headache for a few people, and the total preparation time is not much. This is a nightmare for some of my older friends, who are busy with work and have a lot to do at home. If you have passed the PMP exam and then you have no questions to worry about. I passed the PMP certification in SPOTO training, more about SPOTO. If you do not pass the exam then you need to pay the money to make up an examination to continue to burn the brain to see that difficult book. I have experienced it, and now I write the experience about how to pass the PMP for you, hoping it will be helpful to you.

Try to make good use of learning materials which contain the 6th edition of the PMBOOK and the learning materials of the PMP published by the training class.

1. Read the Book

PMBOOK can be read once. Because you will not even understand what it is saying with reading it for five or six times. It probably takes you about 3 days to finish reading this book, and then look at the book specifically written for the PMBOOK by the training class, which can also be called the essence abstract. It will take you about six days. Remember that even if you’ve been reading a book for a long time you won’t be able to remember everything. The purpose of a book is to give you a vague idea, just a concept.

2. The Audio Materials of the Training Class

This is something to listen to and you can listen to it when you have time to go to work, after work, and on your breaks. So basically this is the exam point, and you’re spending all your money on this lecture audio. Remember to listen more. Listening more means that you should understand the amount of the knowledge points about how much you can understand. If you don’t understand the you should just rote.

3. Finish the Exercise

In the training class, there will be three simulation tests. You can talk to the class director to ask for a simulation of last semester pmp question bank. Use your free time to do it. Use a pencil. Remember to do it multiple times. Don’t be afraid to throw up. Because you have paid the money. And if you fail then you need to pay the test fee again.

Finish the question and then think about the corresponding answers one by one. Thinking about the meaning is not to let you think about what the meaning of this question is. But to remember this type of question. And remember this way of setting the question. After you can finish them all over a few times, you will understand the meaning of the question.

To sum up, the way to pass the PMP is to listen to the class audio and do the questions over and over again.

After you pass the exam, you will go back to study the knowledge of PMP. After all, the purpose of taking the PMP is not only a certificate, but the application in practice.

Finally, I hope everyone can pass the test smoothly.

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