8 TikTok Facts That Every TikTok Users Should Know In 2020

8 TikTok Facts That Every TikTok Users Should Know In 2020

TikTok is one of the greatest growing social media networks globally, which features short-term video sharing. It permits its users to make short content videos with filters, music, and with more features. 

Sometimes it’s cringe, sometimes it’s wacky, but always it’s an addictive one.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short-term video sharing app which is available on Android and iOS. TikTok is used for sharing short-term creative and exciting video content. Initially, in 2016, it was started as a Douyin in China. Later in 2017, the app was launched as ByteDance to the world market outside China. Douyin and TikTok have the same software, but they separate their networks to accept the Chinese censorship conditions. Now, TikTok is accessible across the globe via Google Play stores or App store.

We can now jump into the eight TikTok facts for 2020 and why saying them can be perfect for social marketers around the globe.

Best Eight TikTok Facts

     Users Count On TikTok

TikTok has exploded in popularity since its launch. TikTok has over 800 million users active globally. It makes the TikTok 9th place on social media platforms, ahead of Twitter, Snapchat, etc. 

It is fascinating to state that 150 million users are active per day in China, using the Chinese version Douyin app. TikTok has been welcomed by Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Cambodia. Let us tell you that Instagram takes six years to get the same number of monthly active users TikTok acquires within three years. And for Facebook, it takes four years. 

     Download Counts On TikTok

TikTok attains a billion downloads in early 2019. Then, it took just eight months more to get another half billion. Today, TikTok’s growth is unstoppable. Statistics showed that famous video content on the TikTok platform had downloaded over two billion times worldwide on both Google play store and Apple play store in 2020. In simple words, TikTok has doubled its downloads count in just a year. It shows the app’s popularity clearly.

And also, there are 320 million downloads globally in the first quarter of 2020. And its downloads skyrocketed afterward because of the corona pandemic. Many people spend their time on the platform on their mobile devices and seeking for the entertaining contents.

     TikTok Crowns The Teens World

TikTok has done superb tactics when it comes to pleasing with the teens of the globe. Maybe, it is ahead pressure for the old generation people, but the platform has done its way for the young generation. 45% of users on TikTok are aged between 15 and 23. 

It hires all the youngsters globally, but many adults don’t even hear about the app. If you admire why then it’s designed way is the simple answer. The TikTok app creators have set their targeted audience on young audiences from the beginning itself. In a better way, you can say that the TikTok app creators have understood the minds of teens more than the competitor’s in their industry. Also, they grasped the habitats of teens, which brings a massive teen crowd to the platform. TikTok permits its users to make and spread the funny video contents while dancing, singing, or lip-syncing to their most-likes sounds.

     App Usage By Country

The majority of users on TikTok are from Asia, especially India. TikTok app has been downloaded over 612 million times, still now in India. It is 35% of the app’s total download all over the world. It also supports the fifteen Indian languages.

The popularity of the app in India is a step ahead of its parent company, China. The app download in China is lower than one-third of India. The third highest app download country is the US, with 166 million still now, which brings the 8% of total downloads globally.

     Users Time On TikTok

Users on TikTok spend an average time of 55 minutes every day on the platform, nearly an hour per day. It clearly shows that people are using social media platforms every day to create and share short-term video content. 

Let’s see how other social media platforms feature in comparison to TikTok. People spend 53 minutes on Instagram, almost the same as TikTok and somewhat less on Snapchat(50 minutes). Facebook leads with users spending an average time of 59minutes every day. For marketers, it is essential to know all these facts. The more time people spend on these platforms; the advertisers get high TikTok views for their advertisements.  Recently, a lot of US adults have started using TikTok and so the graph shows an exponential increase. 

 Viewed Videos On TikTok

There are above one million video contents viewed every day on TikTok. This number is a good news for all marketers on TikTok. So, brands, marketers and entrepreneurs must take advantage of this point to grow their brand on TikTok. You need to create fascinating videos in order to accelerate TikTok views and elevate user engagement. Community and content are the primary part of growing TikTok in a short time. From that spot, TikTok accelerates its growth and covers the large audiences. 

     Countries Which Has TikTok

TikTok captured 155 countries in 2019. It is also available in the 75 languages, which it grabs a massive part of the audience worldwide. 

The interesting point on TikTok is how it managed to grab huge people’s attention in a short period. Western audiences on TikTok referred to Musical.ly, and the eastern audiences referred to Douyin. Then, TikTok grows its popularity among Asian users. Over 10 million times, the app was downloaded by the Thailand people alone. And now, there are above 21 million users active in India. 


     Apple App Store Downloads

TikTok is the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2019 on the Apple App Store, with over 34 million downloads and counting. The platform beats Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, and Messenger easily. TikTok seems to be more famous among the users of the iPhone than Android users. 


TikTok is a safe platform that mainly targets the unique content creators. And the primary advantage of the app is anyone can become a content creator on the app. So, it’s a perfect time to give significant importance to TikTok.

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