Toyota’s Daihatsu unit halts all vehicle shipments over widespread safety cheating 

Toyota Safety Scandal


TOKYO — Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday that its subsidiary Daihatsu will suspend shipments of all its vehicles in and outside Japan due to a damaging safety scandal involving 64 models.


The irregularities in the safety tests earlier this year prompted an independent panel investigation, which discovered widespread and systematic issues. Toyota, citing panel results, stated that its research found 174 new cases of irregularities in safety tests and other procedures in 25 test categories, in addition to the problems previously reported.


Makoto Kaiami, a lawyer and member of the investigation team who also attended the news conference, said workers under pressure to meet management demands for tight development deadlines resorted to cheating and that management should be held accountable.


The problem first surfaced in April when Daihatsu reported improper door lining testing. Side collision testing issues also appeared in May, according to officials.


The issues were discovered in 64 vehicle models and three engines, including 22 models and an engine sold by Toyota, according to a company statement. The investigation also found that the problems involved some Mazda Motor Corp. and Subaru Corp. models sold in Japan, as well as Toyota and Daihatsu models sold in other countries.

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