The new Apple Silicon Mac Pro will look identical to the current model and will not have expandable RAM

Mark Gurman reiterates in today’s Power On newsletter that plans for a high-spec Apple Silicon Mac Pro have been cancelled.

Furthermore, Gurman claims that the Apple Silicon Mac Pro (which will only have an M2 Ultra chip) will look identical to the current Intel Mac Pro, so customers should not expect any major design changes. Because the Apple Silicon architecture means that all memory is tied to the M2 chip, the product will not support expandable RAM.

Users can expect to be able to upgrade the SSD size, GPU, and networking capabilities in terms of expandability. This will be the main differentiator between it and the upcoming M2 Ultra Mac Studio, which does not allow for any expansion.

According to Gurman, the machine has two spare SSD slots, as well as slots for graphics, media, and networking.

Despite missing its original 2022 release date, the M2 Mac Pro is expected to arrive before the end of the year.

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